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Breakfast Information - Whats included?

Did you know . . . breakfast is the most important meal of the day?


Children who eat school breakfast are more likely to have:

  • reduced absenteeism
  • reduced behavioral problems
  • reduced nurse’s office visits
  • positive learning environments
  • have better concentration
  • retain more of what they learn
  • participate in class
  • maintain a healthy weight

Here at Western Wayne we offer school breakfast daily to all students. Breakfast consists of a variety of whole grain cereals and snacks, 100% fruit juices and fat free/low fat milk choices. Breakfast is a grab and go and can be eaten in their homeroom or first period class.

Reduced Price Breakfast = $0.30 daily
Paid Price Breakfast =$1.25 daily

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Do you qualify for free or reduced meals?

Families can apply for free and reduced price school meals online using COMPASS at or download the application here.

Need some classroom party ideas?

Please take a moment to download our handout for classroom parties!

Special Dietary Needs?

Schools participating in the federal Child Nutrition Program are required to make accommodations for children who are unable to eat the school meals because of a disability that restricts their diet. They may also at their discretion, make substitutions for students who have special dietary needs but do not meet the definition of a disability.

Western Wayne School District’s food service department does not substitute Lactaid Milk in place of fluid milk for students who are lactose intolerant. We also have available in all cafeterias a peanut/tree nut free table for those students that require these accommodations. Additional substitutions are made on a case by case basis for students who have other special dietary needs. The proper documentation must be submitted to the food service department and the school nurse before any substitutions are considered.

Follow the link below for information and instructions along with the student medical form for both disabling and non-disabling special dietary needs.

-medical plan for allergies form

What are some Healthy Non-Food Rewards?

Please take a moment to download our handouts for Non-Food Rewards.

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Mission Statement

The Western Wayne School District Food Service Department is committed to provide safe, quality meals that reflect a high nutritional standard, while providing excellent customer service in a friendly environment. 


The District publishes menus for the elementary, middle and high schools. Each school has a fully-equipped kitchen and all food is prepared on site.

Students carrying their own lunches may purchase assorted milk products and 100% juices as well as a-la-carte products. The District participates in the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, which provides free and reduced-price lunches based upon need. A number of daily menu options are available in each school. At the high school level breakfast service includes cereals, breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruit and lunch items include hot entrees.

NOTE: On 2 hour delays, breakfast is not available due to lunch being served within half an hour from start.

Cashless Cafeteria

Students are required to make cafeteria purchases through an individual prepaid account.

They will not be permitted to pay in the serving line with cash.

Payment Information

We suggest you send money for one weeks’ worth of your child’s cafeteria purchases. Many parents elect to send enough to last a month or even a whole school year.

To make a prepayment, enclose the payment in an envelope marked with the student’s name, grade and amount enclosed. If you wish to make prepayments to several children’s accounts please ensure that each child’s name and grade and the amount designated for each child is clearly marked on the envelope. While we will accept cash, we prefer that you send in checks payable to: Western Wayne Food Service

Breakfast Prices:

Elementary                       $1.25 with milk
Middle School                  $1.25 with milk
High School                      $1.25 with milk
Reduced (Pre-K  –  12)    $0.30 with milk
Adult                                   $2.25 with milk

Lunch Prices:

Elementary                      $2.25 with milk
Middle School                 $2.65 with milk
High School                     $2.65 with milk
Reduced (Pre-K  –  12)   $0.40 with milk
Adult                                  $3.40 with milk

Ala Carte:

Dinner Roll                                $0.25
Fruit                                            $0.50
Soup                                           $1.00
Vegetable                                  $0.50
Yogurt                                         $1.25
Cheeseburger                           $2.00
Chicken Patty                           $2.00
Entrée Only                              $2.00
Hoagie/Deli Sandwich          $2.00
Peanut Butter and Jelly          $1.75
Pizza Slice                                 $1.75
Chef Salad                                 $2.00
Side Salad (no Meat)              $0.75
Side Starch (Potatoes/Rice) $0.75
Cereal/Granola Bar                 $0.70
Snack Chips – Baked               $0.65
Rice Krispie Treat                      $1.00
Super Pretzel                            $0.60
Wellness Ice Cream                $0.50/$0.75
Juice                                            $0.35
Milk – 1/2 Pint                          $0.50
Water Plain                               $0.75
Flavored Water                        $0.75
G2 Gatorade                              $1.00

MYSCHOOLACCOUNT.COM provides parents with the ability to monitor all food purchases completed by your child within the past thirty days. Whether they purchased breakfast, lunch or a la carte items, details of the food purchases are displayed. All children in your household can be listed and you can create a Low Balance notification via email.


Maria Liptak
Director of Food Services

1970b Easton Turnpike
Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania 18436

1 (800) 321 9973
Fax: (570) 341-1222
Office Hours: 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM