Students can attend Western Wayne Cyber as a full or part time student. (Part-time only available in grades 6 – 12)

  • Students have the opportunity to enroll as full or part time students. Part time students have hybrid schedules, allowing them to complete some work in the traditional setting and some in the cyber setting. Other students choose a full-time program. We are willing to meet students’ needs and develop a schedule and curriculum that is best suited for the individual. Students can also choose to work from home or in school. Any student who decides to work from home will be provided with a computer.

Courses are taught by Western Wayne Teachers.  

  • Students have the opportunity to come into school and meet with the actual teacher one on one when tutoring or enrichment is needed. We have a program coordinator available every period of the day for students to receive assistance on campus or from home.
  • Parents have the opportunity to meet with teachers whenever necessary. Other cyber schools can typically only offer meetings in the virtual setting.

Students will receive a Western Wayne High School Diploma upon completion of the Western Wayne Virtual Learning Academy Program.

  • Students will be awarded a diploma, not a certificate of completion like other cyber schools.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in graduation exercises if they choose to do so.

Students have access to guidance, special education and health services.

  • At the Western Wayne VLA, students are assigned a guidance counselor who monitors progress through the program coordinator and has daily contact with the teachers facilitating online instruction.
  • Students are counted in class rank and are eligible for Honor Roll and membership in the Honor Society.   
  • Students are eligible to apply for post-secondary scholarships sponsored by the Western Wayne School District.
  • Special education accommodations are available for students who qualify.
  • Students are eligible to receive all health benefits- vision screenings, dental exams, physicals, etc.

Students have access to extra-curricular and athletic programs.

  • Through the Western Wayne VLA, students can participate in a wide variety of clubs and athletics.  Students can attend dances and field trips, which allows them to maintain a connection with the school community if they choose to do so.

Transition back to the traditional setting can be facilitated easily from the Western Wayne Virtual Learning Academy.

  • If a student decides to return to the traditional setting, the transition is seamless when coming from the Western Wayne VLA.  Western Wayne teachers are fully aware of the student’s curriculum in cyber because they are teaching the courses.  They will be able to facilitate a smoother transition upon return to the traditional classroom.

Please contact your child’s guidance counselor today for more information.  Western Wayne Virtual Learning Academy can meet the needs of your student and create a successful online learning experience in a full or part time setting.