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Scheduling for 2017-18 School Year:

The Online Scheduling window will be open from Friday, January 20th to Wednesday, February 1st at 10:00 PM. Student were given instructions on how to schedule their classes for the 2017-18 school year.  Please reference the curriculum guide when making course selections.  If there are questions, please feel free to contact the Guidance Department.

Scholarships & Career Opportunities:

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The Federal Communications Commission today modernized and reformed its Lifeline program to help low income consumers afford access to the 21st Century’s vital communications network: the Internet.





The following is the board approved policy regarding suicide awareness, prevention and response.


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8 Skills all 18 Year Olds Should Have:







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Scholarship Criteria Application Online Due Date
Lake Ariel Lions Club Scholarship Open to seniors who will be pursuing their education. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
LHTC Broadband Scholarship (formerly South Canaan Telephone) Scholarship for student looking to continue their education at a post-secondary school. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Robert D. Wilson PTA Scholarship The Robert D. Wilson PTA will be offering two $250 scholarships for seniors who attended Robert D. Wilson in elementary school for at least 2 years. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Sydney Fahrenbach Memorial Scholarship A scholarship awarded by Sydney’s family to a senior female athlete of good academic standing, and who upon high school graduation will continue her education. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Waymart Lions Club Scholarship Open to seniors who will be pursuing their education. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Western Wayne Wildcats Scholarship Open to Western Wayne football players and cheerleaders with certain requirements (see applications) See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
2017 Student Insights Scholarship Open to all seniors who are attending a four-year college, community/junior college, or career school. Up to $11,000 in scholarships See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Laurel Chapter Order Of The Eastern Star Educational Scholarship Awards three $500 scholarships to high school seniors in the local communities who exemplify good citizenship and high moral character; one to a student at Forest City, Wayne Highlands and Western Wayne. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest The Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest is open to high school seniors, college undergraduates and graduate students. You must submit an essay of between 800 and 1600 words on a topic related to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. The three topic choices are listed on the sponsor’s website and essays will be judged on style and content. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Pleasant Valley Grange Scholarship Open to seniors who live in Wayne county, going to any type of college. Preference is students who are pursuing a career in agriculture. See guidance for application/information April 21, 2017
Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society Open to seniors interested in Forestry, Natural resources, Environmental planning, environmental science, environmental engineering, fish, game, or wildlife management, ecology at a two or four-year college or university. April 22, 2017
The Great Scholarship Program Aims to promote careers in cosmetology and at Great Clips salons to high school and cosmetology school students by providing tuition assistance or cosmetology tools to get them started. Scholarship values are determined by local Great Clips salon owners, who evaluate and select winners. See guidance for application/information April 26, 2017
Dr. Almo Sebastianelli Drum Corps Scholarship (PA American Legion) Open to any senior who is a child or grandchild of a Pennsylvania Legionnaire living or deceased. The student must be a member of high school band and going on to higher education with a major in music. April 28, 2017
John P. & Elizabeth Knash Memorial Scholarship Open to any graduating senior who is a resident of Wayne County and interested in pursuing a field in horticulture/floral design or a related field such as agriculture, agribusiness, etc. See guidance for application/information April 30, 2017
Bill & Caye von Ahnen Memorial Scholarship One non‐renewable one‐year scholarship for $2,000 for attendance at PSU‐Worthington


-Completion of the application. Return to your Guidance.

‐Completion of the FAFSA. Attach a copy of your SAR (Student Aid Report) to confirm EFC

(Estimated Family Contribution). Black out any sensitive information (SSN, etc.).

‐Minimum senior‐year GPA of 2.0

‐Demonstrated financial need (as reflected on your SAR). Scholarships/grants are not to exceed

the amount of tuition/books.

‐Enrollment at PSU‐Worthington Scranton as a full‐time student. April 30, 2017
Kenneth & Ethel Wilson Scholarship Open to seniors who will be pursuing their post-secondary education.


April 30, 2017
Disabled American Veteran Scholarship To be eligible for this scholarship, seniors must have either a parent or grandparent who is a disabled veteran of the Armed Services. Simple as filling out an index card! See guidance for application/information May 1,, 2017
Jake Burkhardt Memorial Scholarship For this $500 scholarship, construct a photo essay consisting of 3 or more pictures depicting the aspects of your life that mean the most to you. Include a physical copy of each picture and at least 250 words per picture explaining why you chose it. See guidance for application/information May 1, 2017
Joseph P. Gavenonis Scholarship (PA American Legion) Open to any high school senior who is a child/grandchild of a Pennsylvania Legionnaire. The student needs to be seeking a four-year degree in a PA college or university. See guidance for application/information May 1, 2017
Road to Safety Scholarship Contest (Metzger Wickersham) Submit a creative project about the dangers of drunk and/or distracted driving for your chance to win scholarship money. See guidance for application/information May 1, 2017
Rotary Club of Hamlin $1,000 Rotary Club of Hamlin Scholarship 2017

Eligibility List:

· Open to a senior that resides in the Western Wayne School District

· Will attend a post- secondary institution in the fall of 2017

· Demonstrates commitment to community services

· Minimum GPA 2.0


May 1, 2017
Waymart Lodge 542 – Masonic Scholarship Open to seniors furthering their education. See guidance for application/information May 1, 2017
Robert W. Valimont Endowment (PA American Legion) Open to any senior who is a child/grandchild of a Pennsylvania Legionnaire. The student needs to be seeking a two-year career-oriented education or training in a less-than-four-year program in a PA school. See guidance for application/information May 4, 2017
Robert Trace Essay Contest (PA American Legion) Open to students 15-18 years of age who is a child/grandchild of a Pennsylvania Legionnaire living or deceased or child of PA soldier killed because of war on terrorism. Essay must be on the topic “Patriotism and Citizenship – What America Means to


See guidance




May 5, 2017
SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support) Scholarship SEEDS of NEPA will issue a $1000 scholarship to a college-bound high school senior for the best essay about the following: “How can the U.S. promote economic growth and clean energy at the same time?  How can rural communities like Northeast PA do the same?”  This scholarship is in memory of Michael “Jake” Burkhardt, WW Class of 2015. See guidance for application/information May 5, 2017
Waymart American Legion Post 889 Scholarship Applicant must have a parent, grandparent or sibling who is/are deceased or MIA, applicant who has a sponsor who has been or is presently in the military, applicant who is a military member in good standing.

*Proof of eligibility needed*

See guidance for application/information May 10, 2017
Christian College Edge Scholarship The scholarship recipient must have plans to enroll for the first time as a full-time student at a Christ-centered Christian college or Bible college within 16 months of being notified by The Christian Connector, Inc. that he/she has won the drawing. See guidance for application/information May 12, 2017


Forest City Rotary Scholarship Open to a graduating senior in good academic standing. The student should excel in volunteering/service with the goal of helping others. A letter of recommendation, 500 word essay, and letter of acceptance are required. See guidance for information/application May 12, 2017
Northeastern Pennsylvania Counseling Association Scholarship Scholarship Requirements:

1. Applicant must submit a fully completed application requesting a scholarship.

2. Applicant must be a high school senior who will graduate during the year of his/her application.

3. Criteria for the scholarship:

GPA, Rigor of Transcript – An official copy must be attached, Letter of Recommendation from School Counselor, Personal Essay, Community Service & Employment, Leadership & Awards, Extracurricular Activities, Acceptance to either a 2 or 4 year college/university or technical training program (all majors considered). Proof of acceptance is required.

See guidance for information/application May 12, 2017
Raymond Gordon Memorial Scholarships Three Raymond Gordon Memorial Scholarships are available:

One (1) $1,250 award

One (1) $   750 award

One (1) $   500 award


To be eligible to receive this scholarship applicants must:

Have been adopted or in foster care and are residing in Western Pennsylvania. Alternate forms of permanency are also accepted (for example, long term  foster care, kinship, legal Custodial/guardianship, independent living); ~and~

Be a graduating high school senior who has been accepted to an institution for higher education or who is currently enrolled in a post high school educational program ~and~

Have a minimum GPA of 2.0


May 19, 2017
B. Davis Scholarship This $1000 scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post-secondary institution.

•There is no age restriction

•Be sure to include your name and the school you are attending this year and next

•This is not an academic scholarship but we would like to know where you are going to school now and what your future academic plans are.



May 22, 2017
Triple-Impact Competitor® Scholarships Eligibility extends to any high school junior residing anywhere in the U.S. and playing for a high school team or in club sports!


May 30, 2017
Aspiring Business Professional This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing a business degree at any accredited post-secondary school or college.


May 30, 2017
Community Forests Scholarship Offered to all high school seniors in the nine-county area of Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Wayne, and Wyoming counties. Applicants must be accepted to a Community/Urban Forestry, Arboriculture, or related field of study, be accepted to a Technical School, College or University, provide 3 references, provide proof of acceptance.


May 31, 2017
Aspiring Animation Professional This is for high school seniors who can win a $1,000 scholarship.  This will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college.


May 31, 2017
Got a Spine Scholarship Be attending college or university in any field of study on a full-time basis no later than October of 2017. Applicants must have achieved a GPA of 2.5 or greater during their last academic year. Applicants must also be attending a school in the U.S. or Canada by October of 2017. Answers must be submitted to the essay questions no later than 11:59 PM EST on June 2, 2017.


May 31, 2017
Firemen’s Association of the State of Pennsylvania Open to seniors furthering their academic education through college level courses in the Fire Sciences or related academic programs. Two annual scholarships will be offered in each of the sic sections of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as prescribed by the F.A.S.P. as follows: One $1,000.00 Scholarship Toward a Bachelor Degree; One $500.00 Scholarship Toward an Associate Degree. June 1, 2017
BigSun Scholarship All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in. Please send us a short essay (500 – 1,000 words) answering the following questions: How did your participation in sports during your high school years influence you? Has your participation influenced your career goals? Has your participation influenced how you relate to your family? June 1, 2017
Aspiring Nurse Scholarship Open to all high school seniors who plan to pursue college education in nursing, including LPN / LVN, ADN, and BSN programs


June 2, 2017
Lift Parts Express Scholarship Open to any current senior in high school expected to be enrolled by the Fall of 2017 at any college/university in the US or Canada. Applicants must submit a completed online application form prior to the deadline.


June 15, 2017
Console & Hollawell’s Legal Scholarship Students must have a high school diploma or GED and currently pursuing a law degree. Or be a senior and intend on pursuing a law degree.


June 15, 2017
Horatio Alger Association Career & Technical Scholarship Program Receive up to $2500 to pursue a career or technical certificate/degree.

Eligibility Criteria:

•Have completed high school (or earned a GED)

•Will be enrolled in eligible program in Fall 2017

•Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a career or technical program at an accredited non-profit post-secondary institution in the United States

•Demonstrated critical financial need (must be eligible to receive the Federal Pell grant as determined by completion of the FAFSA)

•Demonstrated perseverance in overcoming adversity

•Be under the age of 30

•Be a United States citizen


Funds may be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies. All scholarship funds are paid directly to the institution on behalf of the recipient.


June 15, 2017
Cooke College Scholarship Applicants must plan to graduate from a US high school in spring 2017 and intend to enroll in an accredited four-year college beginning in fall 2017. Applicants must also earn a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or above, and have a SAT combined critical reading and math score of 1200 (based on the old SAT scores) or above and/or ACT composite score of 26 or above. Applicants must also demonstrate significant unmet financial need and a rigorous application review includes analysis of grades, standardized test scores, participation in available advanced courses, student essays, letters of recommendation, and family finances. June 19, 2016
Discover Nursing Open to seniors pursuing the field of nursing. Will help you find scholarships. June 30, 2017
PA New Economy Tech. Scholarship Program Pennsylvania offers two scholarships; the SciTech Scholarship which provides up to $3,000 per year for a maximum of 3 years to students enrolled in a bachelor degree program as a full-time student in an approved science or technology program. Both scholarships require the student to begin employment in the state within one year for each year that they scholarship was received.


June 30, 2017
American Legion Scholarships Offers a variety of scholarships to seniors offering up to $7,500 in scholarship money.


July 15, 2017
SAE Engineering Scholarship Open to seniors pursuing their education in engineering, or related area. (Computer Science is included)


Check website for deadlines.
Student Scholarships A variety of scholarships are open to different grade levels.


Check website for deadlines. Scholarship Applicants must use to visit the pages of 5 college of their choice to be entered. Check website for deadline.
CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship Open to student-athletes planning to attend a four-year university with a complete CaptainU profile. Application will be judged on profile completeness, recruiting activity on & promotion of CaptainU. Winner will be announced on Facebook page.


Varies on scholarship
Wayne Memorial Educational Reimbursement Program This program is designed to encourage enrollment in education programs for positions that are difficult and/or considered career shortage areas (example nursing). Some educational costs can be forgiven in return for full time employment. Varies
Oral Roberts University Quest Whole Person Scholarship Scholarship recipients will demonstrate the following: Christian Worldview, Lifestyle of Service, Academic Achievement, Leadership Ability, Vision to Make a Life-Changing Impact on Others, and a Healthy Lifestyle. To qualify, you must be a high school senior, recent high school graduate or transfer student with plans to attend ORU and be nominated by a non-family member, such as a school official, church official, community leader or a member of the ORU alumni, faculty, or staff.





CollegeWeek Live Scholarships Check website for details.


Monthly deadlines
CaptainU Scholarships Check website for details.


Quarterly deadlines