Safety / School Police

The Western Wayne School District (WWSD) takes proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of all students and staff members.  The WWSD Safety committee consistently plans and collaborates with local emergency management agencies and law enforcement to update our protocols, procedures, and polices related to safety and security. The WWSD Safety committee and local agencies plan extensively for hazardous situations and potential threats.

In addition to safety plans created at the district level, each building has safety and security measures in place, which are consistently reviewed and updated.  Each school building has a safety committee comprised of staff and administration designed to focus on specific improvements to buildings and grounds.  The building safety plans and procedures are responses to potential emergency situations including a fire, a severe weather event, an external threat, etc.  Safety plans are implemented and drills are practiced regularly by staff and students.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency management plans and procedures account for potential situations that could occur while students are at school, but also include emergency response while students are being transported to and from school.  The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), Waymart Borough Police, Western Wayne Police Department (WWPD), WWSD Administrative team, and local emergency management officials have planned and prepared for an effective response to off-site emergency situations involving WWSD staff and students.

Emergency situations can happen quickly and have far reaching effects.  The response to each situation depends on the specific nature of the event.  Resulting WWSD actions may include any number of responses including evacuation, shelter-in-place, facility lockdown, etc.  The primary objective of the WWSD in response to emergency situations is the safety of students and staff.  The WWSD Administrative team has participated in trainings and has been instructed on how to best respond to a wide range of emergency situations.  The collaboration between WWSD and emergency management personnel supports the safest and most secure school environment for all students and staff.

If you have specific questions about the safety plans and preparation, and response to emergencies in your child’s school, please contact the building principal.  All people in the Western Wayne School District and surrounding community wish for a safe and secure environment for all students and staff.  Please know that we will continue to work in an effort to improve all safety measures and provide a secure environment for everyone.


The Western Wayne School District (WWSD) will broadcast emergency messages and communication when necessary using a variety of media.  Emergency messages relating to school closings, cancellations, delays, or early dismissals will be found on the district website, and on local television and radio stations.  Emergency messages are also communicated by phone, text, and email through our Blackboard Connect automated communication system.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to tune in to local television and radio, as well as check their phones and email for school communication regarding emergency situations and events.

Safety Links

Preparing for an Emergency
-Before, During and After-
Schools are one of the safest places for students during the school day.  It is a place of consistency and support.  Communication among schools, parents and communities is necessary to make sure students continue to view schools as safe, caring and supportive environments.  Prevention of violent school episodes should be our goal.
Educators reinforce students’ sense of safety by providing structure in a welcoming environment, a place where students feel comfortable seeking support as needed.  Families are encouraged to regularly check in with their student(s) about academics, friendships and school events.  If you find your student in need of assistance, please contact a guidance counselor or principal for assistance.
If students are exposed to a violent school or community event, families and educators are tasked with helping students understand and cope with the loss of life.  Children are resilient and cope well with the support and care of their families, teachers, friends and other caring adults.  Some tips to help children deal with the aftermath of a violent school event include:
  • Provide an age appropriate, clear, and straightforward explanation of the event
  • Return to your normal routine, to the best extent possible
  • Let children know it is okay to feel upset or angry
  • Listen to what your child is saying
  • Focus on the positive, are you able to make a kind gesture
In light of the tragic events that have occurred at schools across the country, we are providing the following resources to help our community prevent, understand, and recover from violence in schools.