Western Wayne – Senior Portfolio Artist


Caitlin Henneforth exhibited a senior art portfolio display at Western Wayne’s annual art show on Saturday, May 13.

Caitlin says that colored pencil is a medium that has helped her to create some of her favorite pieces at Western Wayne.  Caitlin called her senior portfolio display “The Bistro.”  She gave her art space the feel of a wine vineyard decorating it with white lights and including a wooden table for her guest book.

She explained that her favorite piece was a colored pencil drawing that fit the vineyard theme.  She loves to work with this medium.

“It helps me to blend different colors to get the color I want it to be,” Caitlin, who will attend Misericordia University in the fall on a track and field scholarship, said.  “This is a hobby I picked up because of art classes I took in school and it helps me to relax.”

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