Microsoft Office – PowerPoint Videos

Get Started What is Microsoft PowerPoint 2016? 0:01:04 ·        Overview
Change views 0:01:13 ·        choose the right view for the task
·        normal view, slide sorter view, notes page view, slide show view, master views
Create Presentations Create and build presentations from templates or from scratch 0:00:49 ·        create a blank presentation
·        create a presentation from a theme
Add and delete slides 0:00:52 ·        add slides
·        delete slides
Select and apply slide layouts 0:00:29 ·        arrange slide content with different slide layouts
Add and format text Add text to slides 0:01:19 ·        add and format text in slides
Format text on slides 0:02:38 ·        format text in a placeholder
·        copy and paste text into your presentation
Format lists on slides 0:03:22 ·        create a bulleted list
·        create a numbered list
Check spelling in your presentation 0:01:33 ·        fix spelling as you work
·        check spelling in entire presentation
Add math to slides 0:01:51 ·        insert an equation
·        create ink equations
Import a Microsoft Word 2016 outline into Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 0:01:12 ·        create an outline in Word
·        save outline in Word
·        import a Word outline into PowerPoint
Add hyperlinks to slides 0:00:48 ·        link to a website
·        link to a place in a document, new document, or email address
Add SmartArt to a slide 0:01:03 ·        convert text into SmartArt
·        insert pictures in SmartArt
Add Word Art to a slide 0:01:46 ·        add WordArt
·        convert text to WordArt
·        customize your WordArt
Add and format images Add images to slides 0:01:14 ·        insert a picture from your computer
·        insert an online picture
·        replace a picture
Add screenshots to slides 0:02:22 ·        prepare your screenshot
·        add your screenshot to your slide
Format images on slides 0:01:35 ·        adjust the brightness, contrast or sharpness
·        apply artistic effects
·        change the color
·        apply picture effects
·        add a border
·        compress or reset the picture
Design presentations Apply themes to presentations 0:00:35 ·        select a theme
·        change colors, fonts, effects and background styles
Create, merge, and group objects on a slide 0:00:42 ·        group objects
·        ungroup objects
Align and arrange objects on slides 0:01:25 ·        align objects
·        use guides and gridlines
Layer objects on slides 0:00:52 ·        move an object to the back or front
·        use the selection pane to find hidden objects
Change slide masters 0:01:07 ·        change the slide master
·        customize the slide master
Organize slides into sections 0:00:56 ·        add a section
·        move or delete a section
Add footers to slides 0:02:30 ·        add a footer to a slide
·        apply a footer to all slides
Add transitions between slides 0:00:49 ·        add transitions between tabs
·        preview transitions
·        remove transitions
Get design ideas for slides 0:00:47 ·        using PowerPoint designer
Present slideshows Use Slide Show and Presenter View 0:01:45 ·        using Presenter view (under Slide Show tab)
Add speaker notes 0:00:38 ·        adding speaker notes to your slides
·        using speaker notes while you present
Practice and time your presentation 0:01:33 ·        rehearse your presentation, record
·        view the timings
Print presentations 0:01:25 ·        print your presentation
Record presentations 0:01:49 ·        record narration and timings
·        manage recordings
·        remove recordings
·        save recordings
Add audio and video Add, format, and record video 0:02:34 ·        add an animated GIF
·        add a video, and add captions
·        add screen recording
·        record your presentation, export your presentation as a video
·        format your video
Add and record audio 0:02:00 ·        add audio from your PC
·        record audio
·        change playback options
·        delete audio
Add animations to slides Add animations to slides 0:01:54 ·        add animations and effects
·        manage animations and effects
·        add more effects to an animation
·        change the order of animations
·        add animation to grouped objects
Add tables Add Microsoft Excel 2016 tables to slides 0:00:44 ·        paste or embed tables and worksheets from Excel in your presentation slide
Store and share presentations Save presentations as videos 0:00:51 ·        save your presentation as a video
·        use recorded timings and narrations
Remove sensitive information Remove sensitive information from your presentation 0:01:22 ·        inspect document
·        remove all personal and confidential information from your presentation
Collaborate with others Add and review comments in your presentation ·        add a comment
·        view and reply to comments
·        delete a comment