Western Wayne – Senior Portfolio Artist


Olivia Troiano exhibited a senior art portfolio display at Western Wayne’s annual art show on Saturday, May 13.

She won second place for both display and artwork.

Olivia finds the time she spends working on art relaxes her and eases her stress.

Olivia themed her senior portfolio the “Creative Process” and explained how she set it up to look like an art exhibit.  She arranged all of her pieces carefully on the wall of her space and in the center of it to give her presentation the feel of a professional art studio.

Near the center of her display, she placed her favorite mixed- media pieced entitled “Disclosure.” The picture was of a young woman done in black and white peeking out from a red curtain made of fabric perhaps thinking about her future.

Olivia looks forward to her future studies at La Salle University in Philadelphia this fall to major in environmental studies.

“I love public speaking and hope to be an advocate for the environment one day,” she said.  She also hopes she can find creative ways to make art a part of her future career as well.

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