Western Wayne – Senior Portfolio Artist


Maggie Podunajec exhibited a senior art portfolio display at Western Wayne’s annual art show on Saturday, May 13.

Maggie enjoyed the challenges of working with ceramic materials during her years in Western Wayne art classes.  Her portfolio project had the theme of “Dance” with a focus on ballet, her favorite style.

The piece she considered the most special was a pair of point shoes she created of ceramic clay because of the attention to detail she had to use when making them.

All of the artwork in Maggie’s collection fit her theme well.  She included a picture drawn of Meryl Streep who connects to dance because of the part she played in Mama Mia, a Native American picture to represent spirit dance and even a piece representing The Rocky Horror Picture Show to connect to that iconic film’s unique dance style among many other pieces.

Maggie, who plans to attend Penn State Worthington in the fall to study psychology, has enjoyed working in a variety of art forms in high school.

At the end of April she had her final performance as Mae Peterson in the school’s production of Bye Bye Birdie where she also served as student director and a lead dancer.

“I am passionate about both dance and art,” she explained.  “With art you take your feelings from the inside and put them on the outside on some type of canvas whereas with dance your body then becomes the art form through its movements.”

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