Microsoft Office – Excel Videos

Get started with Excel What is Excel? 0:01:05 Overview video:
• spotting trends
• charts and Pivot table recommendations
• saving and sharing
Create a Workbook 0:00:33 • create a blank workbook
• create a workbook from a template
Add, delete or rename worksheets 0:00:34 • insert a worksheet
• rename a worksheet
• delete a worksheet
Design workbooks Hide or unhide columns 0:00:37 • selecting one or more columns and hiding them
• unhiding columns
Insert and remove hyperlinks N/A • create hyperlinks
• change or modify hyperlinks
• delete hyperlinks
Freeze top and left panes  0:01:27 • freeze the first column
• freeze the first two columns
• freeze columns and rows
Move or copy worksheets 0:00:51 • move a worksheet within a workbook
• copy a worksheet in the same workbook
Apply themes to change the look of a workbook 0:01:50 • customizing with a pre-defined theme to make data stand out.
Change worksheet tab color N/A • change the text color for a cell or range of cells
• format the color of a worksheet tab
Modify page setup N/A • page setup and layout
• page tab, margin tab, header/footer tab, sheet options
• insert headers/footers
Insert headers and footers N/A
Customize the Quick Access toolbar N/A • add/remove commands
• change the order of the commands
• group the commands
• move the Quick Access Toolbar
Change workbook views N/A • switch to full or normal screen view in Excel
Change window views N/A • create, apply or delete a customer view
Modify document properties N/A • view or change the properties of a document
Change magnification by using zoom tools N/A • zoom in/out of a worksheet
Display formulas N/A • display or hide formulas
• switch between displaying formulas or hide them
Set a print area N/A • set or clear a print area on a worksheet
• set one or more print areas
• clear print area
Save workbooks in alternative file formats N/A • save a workbook in another file format
Print all or part of a workbook N/A • print one or several worksheets or workbooks
• print all or part of a worksheet
• print an Excel table
• print a workbook to a file
Set print scaling N/A • scale a worksheet
• scale a worksheet to print in a different font size
Display repeating row and column titles on multipage worksheets N/A • print rows with column headers on top of every page
Inspect a workbook for hidden properties or personal information N/A • remove hidden data and personal information in Office documents
Inspect a workbook for accessibility issues N/A • use the Accessibility Checker to find accessibility issues
Inspect a workbook for compatibility issues N/A • issues that cause a significant loss of functionality
• issues that cause a minor loss of fidelity
Add text and data Add and edit data 0:04:08 • add data
• edit data
• change the active cell
Import/export data data N/A • import/export data from a delimited text file
Search for data N/A • search for data within a workbook
Paste data by using special paste options N/A • using paste special when copying from Excel
• applying mathematical operation to copied data
Align text in a cell 0:00:40 • align a column
• align a row
• align all cells in a workbook
Merge cells N/A • merge and unmerge cells
Format numbers in cells 0:00:27 • select cells and select format
• find additional format options
Wrap text within cells N/A • wrap text automatically
• enter a line break
Change the look of cells 0:01:01 • choose cells, select and apply a style
• modify an applied style in cells
Copy cell formatting 0:01:01 • copy cell formatting using copy/paste options, Format Painter and dragging techniques
• copy number formatting using the same techniques
Conditional formatting 0:00:58 • create visual cues using conditional formatting for selected data
Select cell contents 0:00:57 • select a cell
• select a cell range
• select non-contiguous cells or ranges
• select a row, column or worksheet
• select non-adjacent columns or rows
• other ways to select cell contents
Move or copy cell contents 0:00:57 • move cells by drag and dropping
• move cells by using cut and paste
Insert or delete rows or columns 0:01:00 • insert a column
• delete a column
• insert a row
• delete a row
• insert a cell, shift cells, insert entire row or entire column
Resize rows and columns 0:00:40 • resize row width
• resize column width
• automatically resize all columns and rows to fit the data
AutoFill time spans 0:00:53 • using the Auto Fill feature to fill cells with data that follow a pattern or series
Split data
0:00:51 • using the Convert Text to Columns wizard to split data
Combine data 0:01:44 • combine data with the Ampersand symbol (&)
• use the CONCAT function to combine data
Build custom numeric formats 0:00:57 • create and build custom numeric format to show numbers as percentages, currency, or dates
Validate cell data 0:01:18 • use data validation to make rules to restrict the type of data or values others enter into a cell.
Insert subtotals N/A • insert subtotals
Remove duplicate records N/A • remove duplicate records
Create reusable lists 0:03:38 • create and use a custom list
• sort using a custom list
Use formulas and functions Create formulas 0:01:39 • what is the formula bar
• create a formula that refers to values in other cells
• how to see a formula
• enter a formula that contains a built-in function
• relative references
Display formulas N/A • display or hide formulas
• switch between displaying formulas or hide them
Name cells and ranges 0:01:46 • naming a cell
• defining names from a selected range
• using named cells in formulas
Use Trace to fix formula errors 0:04:10 • defining Trace dependent cells and Trace precedent cells
• using Trace dependent cells to fix a formula
• using Trace precedent cells to fix a formula
Locate functions 0:02:17 • find functions and categories of functions
• using the Function library group
• find more information about functions
Calculations using functions 0:07:00 • using functions and specifying data in the function arguments box
• using Insert Function
Add and format tables Create and format tables 0:00:30 • format your data as a table
Sort data in a table 0:01:02 • getting ready to sort a table
• sort the data in a range or table
• custom sorting
Filter data in a table 0:01:03 • filter a range of data
• filter data in a table
Add a Total row to a table 0:00:34 • add a Total row to a table from the Design tab
Filter data with slicers   0:00:36 • convert data into a table
• use a slicer to filter the data
Perform calculations by using MIN and MAX functions N/A • perform calculations
Perform calculations by using the COUNT function N/A • perform calculations
Perform calculations by using the AVERAGE function N/A • perform calculations
Perform logical operations by using the IF function N/A • perform calculations
Perform logical operations by using the SUMIF function N/A • perform calculations
Perform logical operations by using the AVERAGEIF function N/A • perform calculations
Perform statistical operations by using the COUNTIF function N/A • perform calculations
Format text by using RIGHT function N/A • format text
Format text by using LEFT function N/A • format text
Format text by using MID function N/A • format text
Format text by using UPPER function N/A • format text
Format text by using the LOWER function N/A • format text
Format text by using the PROPER function N/A • format text
Format text by using the CONCATENATE function N/A • format text
Add and format charts Create charts 0:00:45 • create a chart using Recommended Charts
• add a trendline
Format Charts 0:05:31 • create a chart
• add and format a chart title
• change the chart layout
• change the chart style
• select a theme style to add color
Add sparkline charts 0:00:39 • add a sparkline to show data trends
• format a sparkline chart
Add trendlines and drop lines 0:03:01 • add and format a trendline
• select a value with Forward or Backward fields to project your data
• add drop lines for better readability
Analyze chart data Quick analysis of data 0:00:37 • use the Quick Analysis feature
• add a chart
Create and format Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Create Pivot Tables 0:00:45 • create and insert a pivot table for a table or range
• build out your pivot table using Pivot Tables Fields pane
• move selected fields in the pane to design your pivot table
Work with Pivot Tables 0:01:30 • arrange the data in your pivot table with Pivot Table Fields pane
• filters, columns, rows and values
Group data in Pivot Tables 0:01:37 • group data
• group selected items
• name a group
• ungroup grouped data
Filter data with Slicers in Pivot Tables 0:00:36 • filter data in a pivot table using slicer
• filter data manually
Create Pivot Charts 0:01:04 • create a pivot chart
• create a chart from a pivot table
Collaborate with others Share workbooks 0:00:41 • share a workbook and apply permissions
Add and review comments 0:01:30 • add a comment
• review comments
• see all comments at once, show or hide comments
• move a comment
Password-protect workbooks Password-protect workbooks 0:00:45 • require a password to open an Excel file
• protect workbook with encrypted password
Add a watermark 0:01:17 • use an image or logo to create a watermark with Header & Footer function