FBLA National Winner – Allison Mattern

Allison Mattern, junior, has been recognized as an outstanding student. She starts her junior year at Western Wayne High School ranked first in her class. She is a one-year member of the National Honor Society and takes numerous AP and honors courses.

Allison has also played on Western Wayne’s tennis team for three years. Along with her participation in sports, Allison is an active member of Western Wayne’s esteemed marching and concert bands where she plays the baritone and serves as band librarian.

This summer Allison proved her excellence in her business studies by placing 2nd in the nation for the Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure event at the FBLA National Leadership Conference held in Anaheim, CA, from June 29 through July 2.

Allison explained that she had to take a 100-question test as part of the event in which she had to answer questions about how to run a business meeting smoothly. She spent a lot of time preparing for this event. She had many study sessions with former FBLA advisor Ms. Fran Vitovsky. Allison feels glad her hard word and determination paid off.

“Being on a national stage was awesome,” she explained. “I learned just how much I can dedicate myself to a task.”

Theresa Lubash, business department chair at Western Wayne and advisor to FBLA, is extremely proud of Allison.

“Allison did a wonderful job representing Western Wayne at this national event,” Lubash, who also serves as the Region 22 FBLA co-advisor, said. “She is truly a role model of excellence for others at school.”

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