Western Wayne Can’t Hide Their Wildcat Pride

A focus for the 2017-18 school year at the Western Wayne School District is school pride. Some of the efforts for this initiative at the district include involvement in the PROSPER Program, the re-opening of the school store at the high school, the promotion of Wildcat Wednesdays district wide, and the use of the motto: We can’t hide Our Wildcat Pride!

PROSPER is a seven week program to be held at the Western Wayne Middle School to help parents and caregivers and their 6th grade children transition to middle school successfully. The program begins on Wednesday, September 27 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Interested families can obtain a registration form by contacting the middle school office at 1-800-321-9973 option 2.

The new high school store features a line of Wildcat apparel by the local business, talk Shirty to me. Students in Western Wayne’s special education program will work in the school store to learn transitional skills.   Anyone in the community can buy apparel through the school store online at wetalkshirty.com/WWSD .   Items can be sent to a home address or students can order and pick up items in the store. All proceeds will benefit the Western Wayne School district.

Another way that teachers and students at all buildings in the district will show their Wildcat pride is through wearing black and gold to school on Wildcat Wednesdays.

A final effort to promote pride at the district involves the use of the motto: We can’t hide Our Wildcat Pride! Administration and faculty hope their students say this more and show it in their actions. There are posters throughout the schools promoting pride. Many of them have the motto along with what the letters of the word pride mean for Western Wayne students: prepared, respect, integrity, dedicated, and extraordinary.

Staff and students are working together in all of these efforts to promote school pride at Western Wayne. From left: Jennifer DeNike, assistant director of special education; Cindy LaRosa, director of special education; Becca Tomczyk, cheerleading captain; Eddie Sledzinski, football player; Paul Gregorski, high school principal; and Jennifer Bradley, assistant high school principal.

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