Western Wayne Student Makes Display for 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show


Snow shoes, maple leafs, and thermometers all appear carefully placed in Western Wayne senior Sadie Nahman’s display that she created for the 2019 Pennsylvania Farm Show exhibit for maple syrup.     Sadie follows in the footsteps of her art teacher, Mr. Justin Hayden, who had made the display in the past for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Maple Producers Association.  Hayden approached Sadie with the idea thinking it could be a good way for her to use her artistic talents to help the community and for her to accomplish her senior project.  All Western Wayne seniors must complete a senior project involving work in the community.

“I thought Sadie would do a really great job researching the process and applying her knowledge to this piece,” Hayden explained.

In preparation of making the display, Sadie had to research the process of making maple syrup.

“I had no idea how it worked,” Sadie explained.  “I learned you have to heat up maple syrup and basically cook it before it can be eaten.”

Having always loved the outdoors, Sadie thought she would enjoy her work creating this piece for the farm show.  She explained that the most challenging part of the project was having to do her pencil artwork for the display on a large scale to be shown behind the entire maple exhibit area.

However, Sadie felt up for the challenge since she plans to work to achieve other lofty goals starting next year when she will study forensic science in college.  She believes that her work in her art class especially with her senior project piece will better prepare her for the future.

“You have to strategically place things,” she explained.  “So this causes you to have to look ahead and plan out what you want the picture to be before you begin it.”

Sadie’s maple piece from the farm show will also be on display at the GDS Fair and Wayne County Fair this summer.

All Western Wayne administration and staff are proud of Sadie’s accomplishments and wish her the best in the future.

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