PROSPER Session Starting – Tuesday, February 12th

Western Wayne partners with Penn State Extension to provide Prosper to the families of Western Wayne School District.  PROSPER is a model for bringing evidence-based prevention programs to schools and communities with the goal of strengthening families and building youth skills.  PROSPER teaches skills and attitudes that foster improvements in family life which enhance parent-child communication. It also provides students with the necessary skills for planning, problem solving, and peer resistance against problem behaviors.  Studies have shown that these protective factors help youth avoid substance use and risk-taking behaviors.

The Strengthening Families Program is set to begin February 12, 2019 at Western Wayne Middle School.  Strengthening Families is for families with students in fifth or sixth grades.  The program consists of seven sessions.  Each session begins at 5:30 pm with a free family supper served at the Western Wayne Middle School.  After supper, the children and adults participate in a variety of activities  designed to improve parenting skills, build life skills in youth, and strengthen family bonds.  Sessions conclude at 8:00 pm.  Free babysitting is provided.


Parent sessions include these topics:

Using love and limits

Making house rules

Encouraging good behavior

Using consequences

Building bridges

Protecting against substance abuse

Using community resources

Youth sessions include these topics:


Having goals and dreams

Appreciating parents

Dealing with stress

Following rules

Handling peer pressure

Reaching out to others

A few slots for this session are still available.

 What do past participants have to say!

“This is a fantastic program and I hope it continues for years to come!”

“My son had so much fun.  He was sad when it ended.” 

“We really had a great time together.”

“I liked the interaction with other families going through similar situations.”

“I learned we are not alone.  Us moms and dads need to stick together!”

“It was fun and no pressure.”


If you are interested or would like to know more you may contact one of the following:


Mrs. Kristin Donohue, 800-321-9973 option 2

Mr. Justin Pidgeon, 800-321-9973 option 3

Mrs. Maria Miller, 800-321-9973 option 4


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