Western Wayne – Senior Portfolio Artist


Makayla Rose exhibited a senior art portfolio display at Western Wayne’s annual art show on Saturday, May 13.

Makayla, who won first place for artwork, hopes to use the art skills she developed at Western Wayne to help others in healing their bodies in her future career as a nurse.

She will attend the Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County to major in nursing.

“I think that doing art with patients will help me to calm them down since art relaxes me so much,” Makayla explained.

Makayla’s display was themed “Neon Lights”.  All of her pieces utilized light in some way and she had brightly colored lights hanging in her presentation space. She felt particularly proud of her mural that showed neon lights in it with a less-detailed, streaky yet uniquely beautiful look to it.

Makayla even included a piece in her collection that both connected to her theme and future career called “Circuit” which was a drawing of the human anatomy.

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