Western Wayne – Senior Portfolio Artist


Molly Nagle exhibited a senior art portfolio display at Western Wayne’s annual art show on Saturday, May 13.

Molly wishes to continue art as a hobby after she graduates.  Molly also enjoys reading in her free time and decided during her freshman year that she would focus her portfolio of work at Western Wayne around the epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

She called her display “Middle Earth.”  The focal point of her extremely unique display was a large mural which looked like the famous “Last Supper” painting but featured Lord of the Rings characters with Bilbo as the center of attention with all of his followers around him.

Molly said she felt her use of characters in the mural was fitting.

“It makes sense because in the books Bilbo has a number of men relying on him to take them back to their homeland,” she explained.        Molly included artwork that focused on a number of other things she enjoys like different animals and a unique picture of “The Godfather,” Marlon Brando.

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