Western Wayne Middle Schooler Spreads Kindness

“Hope you have a great day!” and “Your day will get better!” are just two of the positive messages that Western Wayne Sixth Grader Grace Owens has written for others around her she thought needed some positive inspiration.

Grace explained that she writes inspirational messages on post it notes for her friends and teachers at Western Wayne Middle School when she knows they are struggling or facing challenges.

“When my one friend was getting braces, I wrote her a note that said she was beautiful no matter what and that it wouldn’t change,” Grace explained.

Grace said she pays attention to how the people around her are feeling and writes them a note when she thinks they need it the most.  She also likes to write cards for her family members.

Grace is a member of student council, basketball, and cheerleading at Western Wayne along with being a teacher for children ages three through five at her church. She is also an honor roll student.

She looks forward to continuing to inspire others around her to feel the positivity she enjoys passing on.

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