Western Wayne Middle School Holds Turkey Trot

Western Wayne Middle School held a Turkey Trot for students on the morning of November 24 as a part of their PBIS initiative which involves successfully creating a proactive positive school environment in which students are demonstrating their Wildcat PRIDE daily. 

          PBIS is an ongoing effort of the Western Wayne School District to guide students in behaving and interacting with others in such a way as to promote an effective learning community.

          The Western Wayne High School Cross Country Team hosted the students who completed the course.  Middle School students signed up to attend the Turkey Trot.  Some of the students who participated gave donations of canned goods for local food pantries. 

          The Middle School students who participated in the Turkey Trot did many fun activities such as participating in raffles for prizes, completing a one-mile run, and dancing with the Turkey.  High School Cross Country student George Lee donned the Turkey costume for the occasion and entertained the students.

          The Middle School students who participated were directed, guided, and cheered on by members of the High School Cross Country Team that included:  Sydney Hutchinson, Jamie Bryan, Haley Estus, Julie Bryan, Maddie Kammer, Lucas Putman, Kris Maloney, Tarena Strasburger, and Kailey Tickner.

   All the students who attended had a great time at the event.  Eighth grader Raegan Palmer came in second place for the girls in her grade at the race.

          “I really liked getting to see the older students and hang out with them briefly after the race,” Raegan, who plays basketball for Western Wayne, said.

         Fellow 8th grader Timmy Roberts also had a great time at the event.  He came in first place for the boys for the second year in a row and won a turkey.

          “We plan to donate the turkey,” Timmy, who plays for the Western Wayne Soccer Team said.

          Also, for the second year in a row 8th grader Hayden Romanskas came in second place for the 8th grade boys.

          “It was fun to get to go outside for a while,” Hayden, who has been racing BMX bikes since he was about five years old said.  “I think my experience with BMX helps to give me endurance for something like this.  I thought the race was really close this year.”

          In addition, on Nov. 24, Middle School students were treated to a special lunch time reward for PBIS.  Beloved School Resource Officer Marty Robbins acted as D.J. for lunch periods that day.  The students always look forward to occasions such as this one.  Robbins also initiated a special board for students to write and display what they felt grateful for during the holiday season.

    The students all had a lot of fun on Nov. 24 and look forward to other PBIS activities such as these where they can demonstrate their Wildcat Pride as the school year continues.

          Winners of the Turkey Trot held at Western Wayne on November 24 are as follows.

Sixth graders:  Eric McGrath, 1st place; Damian Glackin, 2nd place; Giana Tomasetti, 2nd place; and Makenzie Chearney, 1st place.

          Seventh graders:  Robert Carrelle, 1st place; Mia Gifford, 2nd place; Peter Race, 2nd place; and Audrey Agnello, 2nd place.

          Eighth graders:  Timmy Roberts, 1st place; Hayden Romanaskas, 2nd place; Aliya Fiorella, 1st place; and Raegan Palmer, 2nd place.

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