Annual Catwalk Fashion Show with Video Clips!

CLIP 1 -The Making of the Clothes

CLIP 2 – Full Fashion Show

Western Wayne Fashion students were thrilled to return to the Western Wayne stage this year for their annual Catwalk Fashion Show. They were unable to host their show in 2020 and produced a successful fashion show video in 2021. This year the students held their annual show titled “Rhythm is Fashion” for an audience of their peers by hosting the high school student body along with some select family and friends of senior fashion students on May 20.
Students in grades 9 through 12 had their pieces featured in the show. The students also worked in two teams led by senior fashion students Rylee Sheehan and Kathy Shepherd. The feature fashions of the Catwalk came from an inspiration of “A few of my favorite things,” flowers, diamonds, mansions, and fine dining.
The students worked on a set timeline to design a series of pieces for the competition portion of the show. Their ensembles were judged by members of the Western Wayne District Office, former Western Wayne Fashion Student Alumni, and a few select members of the student body. Both teams did an amazing job. The FABilicious team led by senior Kathy Shepherd ended up as this year’s winner.
Colleen Carmody, show director and fashion teacher, was so proud of both of her senior students who had their collections featured in the show.
Senior Rylee Sheehan’s collection had the theme street wear in New York City. The name of her collection is She.
“I felt inspired to name my collection in reference to New York City, because I will be attending PACE University in New York City this fall to study business management,” she explained.
“I have always dreamed of managing my own boutique one day.”
One of Rylee’s favorite pieces in the show is an accordion pleated skirt she made.
“It was a process,” Rylee said. “I had to figure out its dimensions mathematically.”
Fellow senior Kathy Shepherd also enjoyed the challenge of creating her collection for the fashion show.
Her collection had the theme Swooshion. Kathy wanted to incorporate her love of basketball and fashion together in her designs.
“I designed pieces that could capture the kind of fashion that WNBA players would wear before a game,” she explained.
Kathy also designed an accordion skirt that she was proud of for her collection that incorporated a variety of dressy, yet casual, pieces perfect for athletes to wear.
Kathy plans to attend King’s College in the fall to become a physician’s assistant.
“I love wearing fashionable things and being comfortable at the same time,” she explained.
Carmody and her students felt so grateful to be able to have their show for a live audience again this year and look forward to creating more designs to share with the Western Wayne community in the future.

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