High School Students Participate in CTTC Entrepreneurship Academy

From left: Matthew Velez, Zach Jones, Christopher Jacoby, Laynee Nugent, Ava Compton, and Rachel Tuman.

Western Wayne High School Students Participate in CTTC Entrepreneurship Academy

Western Wayne High School students recently participated in the Entrepreneurship Academy which is a program of the CTTC (Carbondale Technology Transfer Center) that strives to develop the next generation of tenants to the incubator.  The program consists of two major components: Entrepreneurial Education and Entrepreneurial Experiences.

In the Entrepreneurial Education series, local business leaders teach sessions on core business topics that are valuable to Entrepreneurs. In past sessions students have learned about a variety of topics, including start-up funding, marketing, and philanthropy. 

At the end of the educational sessions, students are given a project to complete.  This year students were tasked with creating a new product using all or part of other products and then create a sales pitch for their new product.  Students from Carbondale Area, Forest City Regional, and Western Wayne took part in the Entrepreneurship Academy.

Western Wayne students Rachel Tuman, Laynee Nugent, and Ava Compton won best presentation for their efforts.

Senior Rachel Tuman felt she learned a lot from her experience from the Entrepreneurship Academy.

“I learned the importance of trial and error and persistence and belief in your product,” Rachel explained.  “This experience helped with our communication and presentation skills as we progress toward our future.”

Fellow classmate Matthew Velez also had an enjoyable experience.

 “It was fun taking various products and crafting them into a potential product,” Matthew said.

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