Western Wayne Art Students Recognized in Artist of the Month Contest

Western Wayne High School had four seniors recognized as winners of the Artist of the Month Contest for this year by the Scranton Times: Sadie Nahman, January; Shailyn Pugh, May; Allison McDermott, August; and Abby Wilcox, November.
In addition, Shailyn’s art was featured on the cover of Happenings Magazine for December. She explained how she created a holiday-themed picture for Happenings with a train, Santa, and presents done in colored pencil and acrylic.
“I was happy to have my work chosen for Happenings,” Shailyn said. “I love making art because you can create what you want and make it your own in different mediums.”
The piece Shailyn created for the Artist of the Month Contest is a piece titled “Nest.”
She explained how “Nest” has many details. Shailyn crafted a nature scene with a bird’s nest in an apple tree with eggs in it.
“I like to challenge myself with the pieces I make,” she explained.
Shailyn will next challenge herself with envisioning her senior collection for Western Wayne’s annual spring art show. She explained that her collection has a Hollywood theme because she enjoys making portraits of famous people.
Fellow senior Sadie Nahman also appreciates drawing people in her art work. She explained how her art for the Artist of the Month Contest involves children playing hockey in a winter scene.
“When I create art, I like that I can change the picture to be whatever I want it to be,” Sadie explained.
Fellow Scranton Times Artist of the Month Contest winner Abby Wilcox also designed art with a winter theme. One of her pieces is a scene with winter frost on the ground surrounded by birds and rabbits.
Abby also looks forward to creating her senior collection for the spring art show at Western Wayne. Her collection has a fantasy theme with many unrealistic colors.
“I chose this theme because I like using colors and exploring what it looks like to create images that don’t have to look realistic,” she explained.
Western Wayne faculty, staff, and administration are proud of the accomplishments of these aspiring young artists and encourage the community to look for their work in the Scranton Times to celebrate their accomplishments.

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