Barcarola Inks with UVA

Western Wayne senior Trina Barcarola recently inked with The University of Virginia because of her vast track accomplishments.  Trina is a Scranton Times Athlete of the Year for her numerous athletic achievements in track.  She also was a member of the All-State Track Team last year.  She won two gold medals in one day at the State Championship for pole vault and 100 hurdles. 

                Trina believes that many factors contribute to her success. 

                “My coaches and all of the support I receive from my family and friends is important,” Trina explained.  “I also rely on hard work, and my center, above all else, is my faith.”

                Trina belongs to multiple clubs such as National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Youth Advisory Committee, and is the president of her church youth group.  Along with her athletic work with the track team, Trina has played volley ball on the Western Wayne team for three years.  When she isn’t working on her athletic craft, she can be found creating designs in her Fashion II class at Western Wayne.  As a senior in this course, she will design a collection for the school’s annual spring fashion show.  Trina has titled her collection “Between the Lines.”

                Western Wayne faculty and staff are thrilled for Trina to have received such a significant scholarship from VCA.  Trina feels very excited to begin her college career.

                “I’m most looking forward to taking the next steps in my life and growing as a person, student, and athlete.”

                From left, standing: Justin Collins, head Western Wayne track coach; and Robert Amos, Western Wayne pole vault coach.  From left, sitting, are members of the Barcarola family: Adriana Barcarola, John Barcarola, Trina Barcarola, Victoria Barcarola, Bernice Maiocco, and Johnny Barcarola.

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