Student to Open First Art Exhibit on Saturday, March 25

Amanda Miehle, a student who attends New Story School and is a part of the Western Wayne School District, is a 16 year old untrained artist who has created an extensive amount of outside art for her young age. This Saturday, March 25, Amanda will open her “Fashion Passion Magic” art display at The Ruffed Grouse Gallery. It is her first gallery exhibition. Over 200 of Miehle’s color drawings showcasing her exuberant take on fashion, color, and abstraction will be presented.
Amanda began creating art at age four with her first drawings of figures in what has become her signature “A” style. Through the years as her figures evolved stylistically, yet consistently retaining the “A” simplicity, she began referring to them as her fashion. In 2017, along with her “A” fashion girls, Amanda expanded her work to include her new style of abstract art. At 16 years old, Amanda has created well over 300 works of art, consisting mostly of her fashion girls and abstracts.
Discovered in 2021 by Paul Plumadore and Jim Tindell, local artists and curators for the Great Wall of Honesdale, Amanda’s work was selected to be recreated as a mural to appear on The Great Wall for the year. Her art won the People’s Choice Award and was featured in several publications. This exposure caught the eye of photographer Bill Westmoreland who became her liaison into the art world. He introduced her to magazine editor Edward Gomez leading to a feature in the inaugural edition of BrutJournal, as well as to gallery owners for her first showings.
Born June 5, 2006 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the doctors immediately diagnosed her as having Trisomy 21, better known as Down Syndrome. Through early therapeutic intervention and the Head Start program, along with her parents’ and brother’s dedication to helping her reach her fullest potential, Amanda thrived as a child.
Throughout her childhood, Amanda has enjoyed swimming, soccer, cheerleading, karate, gymnastics, cooking, music, singing and dancing. She is also an avid ATV motorcycle rider, having learned to drive an ATV independently at age 12. She has a keen interest in fashion, hair and makeup, and dreams of being a fashion designer and stylist. She plans on designing clothes and accessories as well as owning a salon to style clients from head to toe. Her passion for fashion and beauty is illustrated throughout her artwork. Amanda is a strong, passionate, creative soul. When asked she has said she creates her art to express her fashion and make everybody happy. The unique style and joy represented in her work reflects who Amanda truly is as a person. She is a joy; she is clever; she is unique and there is no doubt that this is just the beginning of her contribution to the art world.

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