Freshman Earns Recognition for Poetry

“The silent cries of a blank page/ Waiting for words for an age” writes Western Wayne freshman Lillian Maros in her poem “Rushing Words” which won an Honorable Mention award from Scholastic Art & Writing Awards from The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.
Lillian entered the contest after having heard about it in one of her classes last year. She is thrilled to have been recognized for her poetry. She has been writing fiction for a number of years now and truly enjoys crafting stories.
She explained the meaning of her poem, “It is about writing a book during COVID times and the pressure of all of that. The poem summarizes my life in general.”
Although Lillian enjoys writing full length stories best, she explained how writing poetry is a fun new challenge for her.
“Poetry is interesting because of all of the rhymes,” she explained. “It is a challenge to come up with many specific words. You have to have a large vocabulary. When I write fiction, I concentrate more on what I would want to read in a book and then try to put that in my stories.”

The full length poem is below:

“Rushing Words”
Blocked by the pain of a lightning-struck tree
Beaten and battered by winds from the sea
Screaming thoughts of inspiration whizzing by at blazing speeds
Small ideas and breakthroughs alike peaking through the weeds
The silent cries of a blank page
Waiting for words for an age
Water slamming against the rocks at the Point
The still, quiet sigh of the glistening pond
The whisper of the Lord’s sweet voice in my ears
The mind screaming of the horrors of school work, health, and all fears
Dreaming of words painting a story
While fears of failure come to worry
Goals upon goals of awards and approval
The dismay of the words they said would come cruel
The hoping and praying for an adventure of my own
The wish for a journey beyond that of my home
Could such exploits only exist in the brain?
Or is it just my want to dance in the rain?
The gift of thoughts flowing like a river
The pride of a medalist who has just won a silver
The confidence of a glorious choir
The constant need to reach higher and higher
The scratching and scraping of a pen on the paper
The paint soaked brush on a canvas is my nature
Words billowing like a raging cascade
Rushing words from which I am made

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