Entrepreneurship in EverGreen

EverGreen Elementary fifth grader, Igor Barth, started a business at school this year called Creamer Coffee Cart. He developed and delivered a presentation to third grade about his business. The presentation, titled “Entrepreneurship in EverGreen”, outlines the steps to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Igor explained his decision making when choosing his target audience, which product to sell, and why he started his school business. He described the steps he took to get the business up and running, including writing letters to and meeting with Mr. Pidgeon to discuss the business, the loan, and interest. The presentation highlighted problems and obstacles he faced during operation, such as hiring and training new employees after his business partner moved. Igor has recently expanded his business to also sell hot chocolate and tea. Overall, he likes how his business is going and hopes to continue. The EverGreen third grade class enjoyed learning more about entrepreneurship and Igor’s business. Many students asked if they could be hired and some were even inspired to start their own businesses!

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