Wildcat World Featured Student: Abby Gogolski

Western Wayne Administration has recognized junior Abby Gogolski as an outstanding student.  Abby completed an excellent senior project this past winter in which she raised about 3,000 dollars in her effort to provide Wayne County families with a good meal for Christmas.

Western Wayne High School students are required to complete a senior project before graduation.  These projects are many times community-service based.  Abby, who aspires one day to have a career in finance, thought she wanted to put her budgeting and marketing skills to good use to help those in need for her senior project.

She worked closely with her mother to set up her very successful project.  In mid-December, she set up a day for the community to donate food for her efforts at Ray’s Supermarket in Waymart.  She said she raised about 200 dollars at that event and collected about 40 boxes of food.

Abby also set up drop stations for the community to donate at the Waymart Lodge and the Salem Lodge. Along with these efforts to collect donations at local businesses, Abby also created a GoFundMe account to have an online effort to help provide for those in need in Wayne County.

Along with asking for help on the internet, Abby also sent out letters to people in the community both asking for donations and for suggestions of families who would benefit from her project.  In addition, Abby asked local businesses to donate.  In the end, she said she raised about 3,000 dollars in her combined efforts of asking for both monetary donations and donations of food items.  Abby used the money she raised to buy more items to donate to those in need such as turkeys for holiday meals.

Once Abby had everything collected, she went out on a weekend in December and donated the food in baskets she put together to family homes in the community.  She made all of the donations anonymously.


“During the holiday season in the past, I had heard people in the community saying they couldn’t afford certain things,” Abby explained.  “So I thought this would be a beneficial time to do a senior project of this nature to help people who don’t have a lot.”

Abby, an honor roll student, has always enjoyed volunteer work.  She volunteers at a local church in Hamlin in their food pantry every month and is glad she can continue her service beyond her senior project.

When Abby isn’t volunteering her time to help others, she is involved in FBLA, CATS club, Spanish club, and the tennis team.

She wishes to attend Southeastern University in Florida after graduation to pursue a degree in marketing.  She is considering a career as a financial advisor and hopes that as a part of that career she can provide some services for people who are less fortunate to help them get back on their feet.

Western Wayne High School Principal Paul Gregorski is very proud of Abby’s efforts.

“Abby is a role model to others in our school through her efforts to help those in the community,” Gregorski said.  “I look forward to seeing how she continues to make a positive impact on both the Western Wayne community and community-at-large during her senior year.”

Pictured is Western Wayne student Abby Gogolski with both letters she wrote to community members to help get donations for her senior project his past winter and letters of thanks she received after the project.  Abby worked to provide food for those in need this past holiday season.


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