Western Wayne Student Prompts Recognition of FBLA Week in Wayne County

Wayne County Commissioners officially proclaimed FBLA-PBL Week in Wayne County the first week of February after receiving a letter from Western Wayne junior Ezra Tetreault. Ezra is the Western Wayne FBLA vice president, Region 22 president of FBLA, and he is the vice president at large for FBLA for the state of Pennsylvania.    

          Ezra and his FBLA advisor Theresa Lubash were invited to the Wayne County Commissioners meeting on Thursday, February 7, where the group proclaimed FBLA-PBL Week in Wayne County after reading Ezra’s letter in which he asked them to do so.

          “I wrote to the commissioners because I wanted to see more awareness for FBLA in Wayne County,” Ezra explained.  “This year 50 Western Wayne students will be participating in the state FBLA competition and we are all so excited to represent our district at the state level.”

          Ezra explained that FBLA Week is nationally recognized the second week of February.  Some activities that students participate in as a part of it are “Tell Your Story Day” in which students take to social media to discuss their involvement in FBLA, “Dress for Success Day” in which students dress professionally to go to school and also show appreciation for their FBLA advisors, “Membership Recruitment Day” in which current FBLA members try to spread the word to prospective new members, and a pride day in which students show school spirit among other activities throughout the week.

          Both Ezra and Western Wayne FBLA president senior Austin Boguski were glad to participate in some of the activities for FBLA Week especially when they took time to honor their advisor Theresa Lubash.

           Ezra’s mother made cookies for Lubash and both Austin and Ezra dressed up for the “Dress for Success Day” when they went to Lubash and thanked her for everything she does for Western Wayne FBLA students.

          “We were both glad to be able to do something for Ms. Lubash because of all that she does for us,” Austin said.

          Both Ezra and Austin explained that membership in Western Wayne FBLA is increasing this year with 116 students involved in the group this season.

          “I made membership recruitment a goal for myself this year as president,” Austin, who will attend Moravian College next year, explained.  “I really care about FBLA and want other kids to have the same experiences I have had through this program like getting to meet new people and possible employers.”

          Austin looks forward to the state FBLA competition this April in Hershey where he will compete with a group of Western Wayne students in the Entrepreneurship event.

          He feels all of his experiences with FBLA are greatly preparing him for his future career in business management.  He aspires to work as a market research analyst for his uncle’s finance company in Bethlehem.

Fellow FBLA student leader Ezra also feels his many experiences with FBLA are preparing him for his future.

          Ezra aspires to have a high ranking position in the military and wishes to attend West Point.

          “I feel the number one thing I am getting out of FBLA is career readiness from all of the duties I have to perform from my leadership positions,” Ezra explained.

          Ezra looks forward to competing in the Emerging Business Issues event at states with his partner fellow Western Wayne senior Evan Coons.  The topic that they have to debate involves microchips in the business industry.  They have to discuss the ethics behind employers inserting a microchip in their employees that could be used for things like building entry.

          Western Wayne Administration, faculty, and staff are proud of Ezra and Austin’s accomplishments along with all of the accomplishments of the FBLA students who are participating in the program this year.  They wish them the best at the upcoming state competition.

          Students who place in the top four of their events at states will go on to the national competition in San Antonio, Texas, in late June.

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