Western Wayne Student Earns Certificate for Computer Science Work

Western Wayne Junior Lacey Falloon won second place for the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy Creative Task Challenge for its first unit of study.

Lacey is working through the course as a part of her computer science class at Western Wayne High School.  Lacey explained that the task that won her the second place certificate was her coding of actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s face when he played Jack in the blockbuster hit Titanic. 

She explained that he is one of her favorite actors, and she thought it was a unique idea for a coding task.  Lacey loves the challenge of coding and has been spending time both in the classroom and outside of school on perfecting her coding skills.

“I like beating others to get a task complete,” Lacey explained.  “I’m always trying to finish first.”

Along with trying to work on her coding speed, Lacey also constantly tries to come up with new creative ideas for coding.

“For my second unit task for the Carnegie Mellon course, I made stick figures climbing a ladder,” Lacey said.  “For this project, my picture has to keep changing to different things.  It takes time to create projects like this.”

When Lacey isn’t working on her programming skills, she enjoys doing projects for Future Business Leaders of America where her primary focus is accounting.  Lacey likes to set goals to challenge herself in all of the work that she does.

“I like a challenge,” Lacey said.  “When I finally figure out something with coding, I sit there and wonder why I didn’t figure it out from the start.”

Lacey looks forward to working on more coding projects in her course at Western Wayne.  Western Wayne faculty, administration, and staff are proud of her accomplishments and can’t wait to see what she does next.

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