Western Wayne Sophomores Chosen to Attend HOBY Leadership Seminar

Western Wayne sophomores Grace Lidy and Cassidy Zeiler have been chosen to represent Western Wayne at the 2023 Central Pennsylvania HOBY Leadership Seminar to be held this spring.

The girls submitted essays on the topic of what leadership means to them and were chosen to represent Western Wayne at HOBY.

Grace and Cassidy are accomplished Western Wayne students who enjoy being a part of a variety of clubs and activities at school along with taking challenging courses.

In Grace’s essay, she discussed her views on leadership.

“Leadership isn’t about having control,” she explained.  “Instead it is about letting others do what they excel at while keeping control as a leader.”

Grace is a member of  FBLA, Cats Club, football cheerleading and basketball cheerleading.  Her favorite classes are history and math.  

“I feel my experiences at Western Wayne have taught me to always be open to others’ ideas and to not get discouraged by my mistakes but learn from them,” Grace explained.

Grace’s future plans are to attend a four-year college for psychology.

Both girls feel extremely grateful to have been recognized for their leadership essays.

Fellow classmate Cassidy Zeiler also believes that leadership isn’t about taking control.

“I think the most important part of leadership is including others’ ideas and making sure everyone is included,” Cassidy explained.

Cassidy is a member of the tennis team, CATS Club, student council, school newspaper, and NAHS.  She enjoys her American Literature Honors Class this year the most.

Cassidy’s future plans are to attend nursing school. She aspires to be a traveling nurse and would like to specialize in labor and delivery.

Both Grace and Cassidy are looking forward to attending the Leadership Seminar for HOBY this spring. Everyone in the Western Wayne community wishes them well.

“I feel like I have learned a lot about leadership through my experiences at Western Wayne so far,” Cassidy said.  “I have been included in a lot of activities and been allowed to contribute my ideas to make them better.”

From left: Grace Lidy and Cassidy Zeiler.

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