Western Wayne Senior Accepted to Fashion Institute of Technology

By Eleanor Black, Western Wayne freshman.
Eleanor Black is a freshman attending WWHS. She’s active in FBLA, student council, track, and soccer.

As the school year dwindles to a close, high school seniors begin to file the first of their college applications. Several have their hearts set on the school of their dreams, picturing themselves walking across campus. For Western Wayne student Abby Black, this childhood dream became reality.

As a hesitant freshman, Abby was easily persuaded to join fashion. With a driving passion and a nervous heart, she did not know what to expect. “I didn’t even know how to sew properly,” she said with a laugh. Gaining some confidence, Abby volunteered to model in the yearly Catwalk held by the fashion department. She was filled with anxiety. Though, when stepping on stage, her fear dissolved, and a realization hit; this is where she belonged.

In her sophomore year, Abby brought the Catwalk to the public. She hosted the event to raise awareness and bring appreciation to the school’s fashion department. The community show gave acknowledgement to designers and allowed for them to proudly express their creations. It was a charity event, for all proceeds went to the food pantry in Honesdale. “It was stressful,” Abby admits.” But I still had a lot of fun.”

Throughout her high school career, Abby’s love for fashion only grew. She continued to design and create while taking inspiration from current trends and media, watching her sketches take life. “I love conceptualizing and portraying an importance message through fashion,” Abby said.

Wanting to pursue her dream, Abby applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The school’s selectiveness in design only pressed her to work harder. “I felt my work didn’t compare to the number of students who also wanted it,” Abby disclosed. Yet, despite these worries, Abby continued to perfect her portfolio, only wanting to exhibit her best work. “It was nerve-wracking because they don’t accept everyone,” she confesses. However, the days of hard labor worked! Upon getting her acceptance letter, Abby burst into tears, relieved. “It didn’t feel real.”

Abby will still go off to the college of her dreams but is stripped of her senior catwalk. The show, like other culminating events, is cancelled due to the closure of school amid the statewide COVID-19 shutdowns. Abby is saddened about the catwalk being cancelled. “I’ve looked forward to it every year,” she said.  It’s understandably difficult for senior designers like her not to have this final moment to showcase their accomplishments.  Abby was looking forward all year to creating the exciting stage she’s spent years planning and also to enjoying friendly competition with her peers.  “I was excited about being the head designer and it is upsetting I won’t get that experience,” Abby said. 

 Still, despite a rough year to the school year, Abby plans to continue driving forward and eventually, make a name for herself in the fashion world.

Good luck in the Big Apple, Abby!

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