Western Wayne School District Receives “Stop the Bleed” Kits

This summer The AllOne Charities, Northeast PA Area Health Education Center, and The Wright Center for Community Health have provided “Stop the Bleed Kits” to the Western Wayne School District for use in all four district buildings.  This past school year all Western Wayne employees received training from medical professionals employed by Wayne Memorial Hospital in how to properly handle medical emergencies involving wounds that a bleeding control kit would warrant. 

  The groups involved in providing the kits have partnered together as part of a national awareness campaign to provide bleeding control kits and training “to encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.”  

Presenter Valarie Williams, B.A., TTS., bestowed high school principal Paul Gregorski and high school nurse Denise Johnson with one wall-mounted kit for each of the four schools in the district.  Each wall-mounted kit includes eight individual kits. Western Wayne is grateful to have been granted these kits to assist in their continued efforts to make the district well-equipped to handle any medical emergency that may arise.  “We are very thankful to have received the generous donation of these kits,” Gregorski said.  From left, Denise Johnson, high school nurse; Valarie Williams, B.A., TTS., and Paul Gregorski, high school principal.

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