Western Wayne Middle School September Students of the Month

Western Wayne Middle School Administration has recognized Mitchell Lunn and Gianna Rosetti, both sixth graders, as outstanding students for the month of September. 

        Mitchell has been very respectful to his classmates and teachers this first month of school.  He has even been seen holding doors open for his teachers.  “It feels good just to be helping people,” Mitchell said.  Mitchell’s favorite class is math.  He is always prepared for class and loves learning about exponents.  Mitchell also enjoys his band class where he is learning how to play the trombone.  In his spare time, Mitchell likes to ride his bike, play video games, and take walks with his mom and two dogs.

      Like Mitchell, Gianna has also been recognized for being very respectful to others at school.  She too enjoys her math class the most.  “It’s a fun class where I get to figure things out,” Gianna said.  In addition, Gianna likes her chorus class where she can develop the quality of her singing.  In her spare time, Gianna enjoys taking walks with her younger cousins. She also looks forward to joining track and cross country in seventh grade.

The Western Wayne community is proud of Mitchell and Gianna’s accomplishments and can’t wait to see what they do next.

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