Western Wayne Middle School Recognizes Outstanding Seventh Graders for October

Western Wayne Middle School Administration has recognized Peyton Fox and Timmy Roberts as outstanding seventh grade students for the month of October.
Peyton loves her math class and is excited to be learning pre-algebra this year. She also enjoys her English language arts class because of the happiness she finds in reading.
“I love reading and learning new things about writing and figurative language,” Peyton explained.
When Peyton isn’t hitting the books, she can be found working on her gymnastics skills. Peyton participates in gymnastics at United Sports Academy in Dunmore. She began the sport when she was one and half years old.
“I like to practice gymnastics with my friends,” Peyton said. “My floor routine is my favorite, because I get to tumble and dance. I practice six days a week.”
Peyton’s classmate Timmy Roberts is also very dedicated to his academic studies and extra-curricular activities.
Timmy’s favorite class is English language arts.
“I like reading,” Timmy explained. “We are reading the novel Holes in class right now, and I find it very interesting.”
Timmy also enjoys working with his hands. He is looking forward to taking his industrial arts course later this school year. Last year, he really liked creating rockets in his sixth grade industrial arts class.
In addition, Timmy is a member of the Western Wayne Middle School soccer team where he plays the position of striker.
“It is nice to be around friends while playing a sport,” Timmy said. “The biggest challenge I have is shooting around defenders on the field.”
Western Wayne faculty, administration, and staff are proud of both Peyton and Timmy’s accomplishments and wish them the best with their continued efforts for success.

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