Western Wayne Holiday Baking

Western Wayne Cooking Students Create Holiday Projects Creating delicious sweet treats isn’t only a job best suited for Santa’s elves. At the Western Wayne High School, students in Mrs. Stephanie Zoppi’s Basic Foods class along with her other culinary classes have been working all month to create a variety of decadent holiday cookies and treats.

Cappuccino cookies, craisin cookies, gingerbread cookies, and lemon butter cookies are all endeavors they have taken on this holiday season just to name a few. The students say they enjoy learning new recipes and baking techniques from Zoppi. Many of them chose to take Basic Foods because they have always loved cooking and baking with their families.

From left: Felicity Sickler, Zane Janiszewski, Caitlyn Burdick, and Maggy Langendoerfer prepare lemon butter cookies in preparation for the holiday as a part of their Basic Foods class at Western Wayne High School.

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