WW High School’s Early Childhood Education course have unique opportunity!

Students involved in Western Wayne High School’s Early Childhood Education course have the unique opportunity of observing elementary classrooms at the district’s Evergreen elementary school throughout the school year on a monthly basis. Students must take two prerequisite courses before Early Childhood Education which include: Family Living and Child Development. The Early Childhood Education course has been in existence at Western Wayne for the past five years.  Students receive a participation grade for each observation after they discuss their classroom experiences with their peers and teacher.  Along with doing other projects and lesson plans throughout the year, the students for a culminating end of year project use the knowledge they gain from their work at Evergreen to create, organize, and manage a two-day daycare for three to five-year-olds that is held at Western Wayne High School.  Here students are pictured with a child development theorist mural they created as a part of the course that is on display in the Western Wayne High School.  From left: Mr. Jim Kobeski, family & consumer science teacher; Mariah Lombardi, senior; Margaret  Johannes, senior; Sarah Johnson, junior; Rebecca Tomczyk, junior; and Breanna Fenwick, junior.


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