Western Wayne High School Students THINK ENERGY!


On October 20th Western Wayne High School Students in grade 9 experienced the THINK! ENERGY Innovation Program. This program is an interactive, hands-on presentation with a take home energy efficiency kit for each participating student and teacher. The program teaches the importance of energy, natural resources and environmental resources, and gives each participating student’s family energy-efficient technologies to install at home. Students and Staff in the high school received innovation kits on October 21st.  The kits included three LED light bulbs, shower timer, a water conserving shower head and faucet aerator as well a smart energy power strip.  160 innovation kits were distributed overall.  This comes to 480 new LED bulbs distributed to the Western Wayne School District.  This program will also result in a number of mini grants for the teachers in the high school as well.  The Think Energy Innovation Program has been brought to the schools by the National Energy Foundation, PPL Electric Utilities and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  For more information or questions, please contact National Energy Foundation at 1-855-494-2942 or email  stephanie.dorman@nef1.org.