Western Wayne High School Band Hosts 8th Grade Band Night

By Kristin Hauenstein, Western Wayne Band Senior Public Relations Officer

The Western Wayne Marching Band invited the 8th grader band members interested in doing band for the upcoming school year to be a part of it with them under the lights Friday, Sept. 16. After the school day ended, high school students made signs for the middle schoolers, showed them how to march, hold their instruments, and the basics of being a high school band member. 

In addition, 8th graders watched the band practice their field show and fix anything needed before heading into the building for a team dinner. Sitting next to these wonderful 8th graders and learning a lot about them and what made them try band was an amazing experience for all involved. 

Marching down with the group of kids in the big block reminded a lot of current high school band members what it was like when they did 8th grade band night. 

“It was scary because everyone was grown up, but then I got used to it. It was very exciting and made me want to join. I started off with a mellophone,” said senior and section leader Aidan Donnini.

 Senior Danny Merone has similar memories, “ Going into it I was very skeptical. Concert band is boring for me, but then I get to marching season and it’s so much fun!” 

 Senior Ash Mangieri added, “I started off with Color Guard then I played flute, and I already knew the basics because of guard. It opened my eyes to what I actually wanted to continue with.”

Having experience with 8th grade band night made it a lot easier for everyone else as well. It wasn’t a stressful night and,  as the night ended, the band congratulated the 8th graders and wished them all the best of luck if they choose to be part of this wonderful band next year. Make us proud on that field and continue to do what you love! 

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