Western Wayne Fifth Grade Student Council Creates Digital Morning Announcements

EverGreen Elementary School recently elected class representatives for their 5th grade classrooms. These representatives, who were chosen by their peers, include: Carmine Leggio, Isabella Hartmann, Sophia Kristyniak, Jared Ingle, Lance Hauenstein, Ava Fiorella, Gage Roberts, Jacob Grodack, and Layla Kaub.  Our student council members have started a new tradition of recording the daily morning announcements digitally. This new addition to our morning routine has become a beloved staple of our mornings here at EverGreen.  EverGreen Elementary is thankful to have such wonderful Wildcats leading our pack!

 From left to right, top row: Carmine Leggio, Gage Roberts, Jacob Grodack, and Lance Hauenstein.  From left to right, bottom row: Sophia Kristyniak, Layla Kaub, and Ava Fiorella.

Missing from photo: Isabella Hartmann and Jared Ingle.

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