Western Wayne Art Students Recognized as Artists of the Month

Creative pieces in charcoal, colored pencil, pen and ink and many other mediums can be admired in art galleries across the globe or in nearby art classrooms at Western Wayne High School.

Many Western Wayne High School artists have been recognized as 2019 Artists of the Month by the Scranton Times.  The Times chooses students for this honor from artwork entries of students across Northeast PA.

One such student who is being honored as the January artist of the month is senior Maya Black.

She created a colored pencil, pen and ink, and water color piece called “Luna Moths”.

For Maya’s senior portfolio she is focusing on transitioning pen and ink to colored pencil.

“I like how I feel when a pieces comes out really nice,” Maya explained of her artwork.  “I like to inspire people through my artwork.

Maya will graduate this year and feels she has learned patience through her art classes at Western Wayne.  She wishes to study broadcast journalism in college.

In addition, fellow senior Miriam Sheehan is being honored for the month of February.

She named her charcoal picture entitled “Merry Old Soul” as one of the pieces she most enjoys.  Miriam explained how she used multiple reference pictures for it.

“I like working in charcoal because it goes quickly and comes out how I like it,” she discussed.

Along with studio art, Miriam also enjoys writing.  She has decided to combine both of her talents for her senior project.  All Western Wayne seniors have to complete a project that causes them to work in the community in some way before graduation.

For her project, Miriam is painting portraits of residents at Wayne Woodlands in acrylic.  Along with doing the artwork, she is interviewing them and planning to write about their lives in creative ways as an additional part of her project.

“I am really enjoying my time working on this project and can’t wait to see the final outcome,” Miriam said.

Another senior Melody Gershey is proud of the work her friend and classmate is doing in the community with her art.  Melody aspires to attend Marywood University in the future and work to find ways to share her art more in the local community in the future.

Melody was recognized as the artist for September.

She is especially fond of an oil painting she created called “Southward Bound.”  Melody says she was inspired by artist Bob Ross to make it.

“This was my first time creating an oil painting,” Melody explained.  “It is a messy medium to work in and it takes time for some parts to dry and the colors to blend.  In the end, I was happy with it.”

Melody enjoyed the challenge of working with oil, but is concentrating on creating a senior portfolio for Western Wayne’s Spring Art Show that is done using acrylic.

Junior art student Kaitlyn McDonald, who was recognized for the month of August, also likes a challenge when working with her art.  She described how in creating her piece “Lilac” that she pushed herself to create contrast.

“I have learned patience the most from my art classes at Western Wayne,” Kaitlyn said.  “I know now that I shouldn’t put myself down because my artwork will turn out good in the end.”

Fellow junior art student Shailyn Pugh, who is being recognized for the month of May, also likes to make complex pieces.  She especially enjoyed her piece titled “Johnny Depp”.  Shailyn chose to represent one of her favorite actors in her art in the medium of pen and ink.  She described the rigor of the time it took for her to create so many shadows in it.

“Making art is relaxing and makes me feel good when I finish something I have been working on,” Shailyn said.  “I like to challenge myself to make any portrait I create as realistic as possible.”

Western Wayne Administration and staff are very proud of the many talented artists in the high school who have been recognized as Artists of the Month. The school community and community at large are all invited to see the student artists’ efforts in this year’s Spring art show this May at the Western Wayne High School gym.

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