Western Wayne Annual Art Show a Success

Western Wayne hosted their annual spring Art Show on Saturday, May 11, for the community. The show featured art from students in grades 8 through 12 and art from graduating seniors. In addition, high school students in the creative writing class also had their written pieces displayed in an artistic manner. The following list of seven seniors exhibited their portfolios at the art show: Melinda Kopcza, Kiersten McDonald, Jocilyn Brungard, Aurora Morris, Carly Schott, Lila Rusin, and Peyton Cook. Their displays represented an accumulation of up to four years of artwork.
Senior Melinda Kopcza’s display centered around fantasy.
“My biggest inspiration is Alice in Wonderland. I love art because it brings my dreams of being a Disney princess to life, as well as my dream to live in a fantasy world,” Melinda said. She is also especially glad that her family enjoys her artwork.
Melinda plans to attend Millersville University to study psychology and criminology or social work.
Fellow senior Kiersten McDonald’s display had a dreamscape theme.
“I picked this theme because it represents loss of identity and always wanting to get away. The majority of my art follows the same theme of space, dreams, and illusions,” Kiersten said. She is also especially proud of having won first and second place in the same category of mixed media at the Western Wayne Art Show her sophomore year.
Kiersten plans to attend Millersville University as well with her best friend Melinda where she plans to study anthropology in the hope of becoming a forensic anthropologist, as well as continuing art as a hobby.
Another featured artist is Jocilyn Brungard who centered her display around skeletal animals.
“I chose this theme because my first pen and ink was a skeleton crow, and it’s a piece of artwork that has stuck with me ever since. Music greatly influences my art as well and is the inspiration for some of my other works of art,” Jocilyn said.
Jocilyn’s favorite artists include Vincent Van Gogh and Florence and the Machine.
Although Jocilyn’s future plans are undecided, she is interested in joining the Air Force and would like to continue art in her future as well.
Another featured artist is Aurora Morris who created her art in mostly a whimsical style. Her favorite medium is colored pencils.
“I think the art I create looks like a person would see it in some odd planet or alternate reality. I also love to create 3D mixed media art, using wire as one of my favorite things to add to my sculptures,” Aurora said.
In her free time, Aurora loves to read and write poetry.
She plans to attend Mercyhurst University to earn a degree in art education and a minor in special education.
Fellow senior Carly Schott’s display has a focus on nature.
“The state of our environment has always been important to me, and is an issue I hope to bring to light through my artwork,” Carly said. “In addition, art has given me confidence and purpose. To me, creating art is a way for me to express myself. As a typically shy and quiet person, my artwork has become an outlet for me to share my thoughts, feeling, and personality with others while still being able to hide behind a page.”
Carly is most proud of how much she has improved since she began drawing.
After high school, she plans to pursue a career in the art field.
Another featured artist is Lila Rusin whose work is done primarily in black and white, which she feels simplifies her pieces, putting more of a focus on her compositions. Her biggest inspiration is Japanese artist Junji Ito, who has influenced some of her art style and ideas.
“Through my art, I want to convey the struggles and stereotypes of being a woman in today’s society. I want to use art to speak against gender norms created by society,” Lila explained.
Lila’s hobbies include drawing, digitally and traditionally, writing and playing video games.
Her future plans include going to a college to pursue a writing career.
Finally, Peyton Cook’s senior display was inspired by her development as an artist in scrapbook form.
“I wanted to convey to my viewers how I have grown as an artist, and the phases of my life displayed through my art at the time. Through my display, I want to give the message of how important pushing myself as a creator is,” Peyton said.
Peyton is mostly inspired by her father, who always enjoyed doing crafts and new projects with her and her brother as kids.
While Peyton isn’t pursuing a career in the art field, she plans to attend Penn State Scranton for nursing and continue to create art as a stress reliever and an expression of her new chapter in life after high school.
Many of the seniors plan to do as Peyton is and pursue art as a hobby if it is not part of their chosen career field. They are grateful for the experiences they had at Western Wayne in their art classes.
The District wishes them the best on their future endeavors and congratulates the Art Department on another successful Art Show.

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