Virtual Graduation Taping Time Slots

Attached to this message you will find a schedule of times for seniors to attend the Virtual Graduation ceremony.  Seniors will report on either Thursday, May 28th, Friday, May 29th, or Monday, June 1st.  Seniors should be dressed in their cap and gown.  Appropriate dress attire should be worn underneath the cap and gown including shirt and tie with slacks and dress shoes.  Dresses, dress pants, skirts and/or blouses or dress tops are also appropriate.  Jeans, sneakers, and collarless shirts are not appropriate.  

Seniors should arrive in one vehicle with their immediate family members a few minutes prior to their scheduled time and park outside of the high school auditorium entrance.  A staff member will direct the graduate and their family into the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium.  In order to maintain the safety of students and staff, individuals will not be permitted to enter the school building without a protective mask.  The staff and administration will direct the graduate and their family to the stage where the graduate will be filmed receiving their diploma.  Parents/guardians will be offered the opportunity to present the graduate with their diploma on stage during this event.  There will be a professional photographer present to take pictures of each graduate and their family.  One print of the graduate’s choice will be purchased by the senior class and provided to each graduate as a gift.  Additional prints will be available to purchase from the on-site photographer at a later time. 

Once the filming of the Virtual Graduation ceremony is complete the ceremony will be edited with assistance from the Sinclair Broadcast Group who have partnered with us to allow the Graduation ceremony to be aired on the FOX56 WOLF-TV, The CW WSWB-TV & MyTV WQMY family of stations.  The time that the Graduation ceremony will be aired will be communicated to families when it becomes available.

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