Students Enrich Spanish Curriculum with Dance

Whip, nae nae, and dab are all moves that most teenagers have mastered in today’s culture. However, it is not often that teenagers have an opportunity to learn traditional couples dancing. At the Western Wayne High School, it is a yearly tradition that students in the Spanish course take Spanish dancing as a part of their curriculum during the fall.

Local dance instructor and studio owner Vince Brust works with the Western Wayne students to teach a variety of traditional Spanish dances such as tango, merengue, mambo, and salsa among others.

The students had about nine sessions with Mr. Brust before debuting their new dance skills for other Spanish classes during the day on Thursday, Nov. 2, in Western Wayne’s newly renovated high school auditorium.

Students performed a variety of the dances they learned for their classmates. They did a choreographed dance with multiple partners and a mambo among other numbers during the day as a practice session for an evening performance. The Spanish students also gave the night performance on Thursday, Nov. 2, for their friends, family, and members of the community.

All of the students involved enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about this important aspect of Spanish culture.

From left: Brittney Reinert, Dillon Dante, and Bethany DeGroat pose at a final rehearsal before their evening Spanish dance performance on Thursday, Nov. 2, in Western Wayne’s newly renovated high school auditorium.

Local dance instructor and studio owner Mr. Vince Brust explains to an audience of Spanish students the types of dances they will see their classmates perform during an in-school performance on Thursday, Nov. 2. He is pictured with Western Wayne High School Spanish teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Sandrowicz.

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