Students Earn Western Wayne School Police Exemplary Citizenship Awards

From left: Jennifer Bradley, middle school principal; Nicholas Fisichella, Antonio Fisichella, and Officer Robert Robbins, school resource office.

Western Wayne students Antonio Mwaura Fisichella,  Nicholas Gathama Fisichella, and Paityn Lynn Duprey received individual Western Wayne School Police Exemplary Citizenship Awards at the January, 2020, Western Wayne School Board meeting.

          The Western Wayne School District Police Department takes pleasure in presenting these awards to students who have done an outstanding job helping others.  School resource Officer Robert Robbins explained that the award was first created in May of 2019 after a high school student did an exemplary job helping a classmate during a medical emergency.

          “We wanted to create a way to honor Western Wayne students who go above and beyond upholding the Western Wayne principals of respect, integrity, dedication, and extra ordinariness,” Robbins explained.

          In May of 2019, Western Wayne high school student Giavanna Dawn Amy Rastello helped a fellow classmate in the hallway suffering a medical emergency.  She summoned help and stayed with the student until help arrived.

          Giavanna received the first Western Wayne School Police Exemplary Citizenship Award for her caring, compassion, and quick thinking.

          Robbins explained that the Exemplary Citizenship Award is not given out on a monthly basis but only when a student does something deserving of this type of award.

          “This is just another way that the police department can give back,” Robbins explained.  “We are so grateful to be here and recognize the students.”

          At the January 2020 Western Wayne School Board meeting, Western Wayne middle school students Antonio Mwaura Fisichella and Nicholas Gathama Fisichella received Western Wayne School Police Exemplary Citizenship Awards for their actions on Tuesday, December 24, 2019, when they were witness to a car fire outside of their home on the Mount Cobb Highway.

          As the fire crew from Hamlin Fire and Rescue was clearing the scene, the boys summoned Hamlin Deputy Chief Gene Koch and presented him with a donation from their own savings.  The students received the Citizenship Award for their selflessness and generosity that reflect a great credit upon themselves, their family, the Western Wayne Middle School, and the entire Western Wayne School District.

          In addition, at the January, 2020, board meeting, Evergreen Elementary student Paityn Lynn Duprey received the Western Wayne School Police Exemplary Citizenship Award for her service to the community for the past four years.  Paityn has held an annual Black Friday Bake Sale, with baked good she prepared, to raise money to be used to purchase toys that she donated to local toy drives for less fortunate children in the local community.

          Paityn’s actions exemplify Western Wayne PRIDE.  Most notably: respect, in caring for her community; integrity, in her strong moral principle; dedication, in continually striving to serve and improve quality of life for others; and extraordinary; in her going above and beyond by putting others first.

          All Western Wayne administration, staff, and the entire school community are proud of these extraordinary students and hope that all of their selfless actions inspire others to act in the same way.


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