Student Council Shows School Nurse Appreciation

Photo (left to right): Adalyn Fox, Morgan Malloy, Liam Pauler, Mrs. Maria Shelp, Grace Owens, and Vincent Delaney

Officers of R.D. Wilson’s student council wanted to do something special for their school nurse, Mrs. Shelp. Recognizing that this has been an especially challenging year for nurses, they arranged for a surprise presentation during student lunch. A personalized poster and special gift basket were given along with some thankful words including:

“You had to make a lot of tough decisions throughout the year, and we appreciate that.”

“You’re an amazing school nurse, and it’s time that everyone knows it!”

The gift basket included some of Mrs. Shelp’s favorite things, such as Doritos, Swedish Fish, and Alice in Wonderland mask and necklace.

We would like to extend our appreciation for all of the medical staff working in our district and surrounding area. Thank you for all that you have done to keep us safe and healthy this past year!

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