Spanish Club to Sell Bracelets for Pulsera Project

The Western Wayne High School Spanish Club will sell handmade bracelets and bags as a part of the Pulsera Project, a non-profit organization that benefits artisans in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Each bracelet, or pulsera, comes tagged with the name of the artist who created it. Students enjoyed participating in the sale last year in both the middle and high school. This year, the club had the opportunity to interview Chris Howell, the co-founder of the Pulsera Project, and hear more about how these sales improve the lives of those artisans. The Pulsera Project will take place in the high school from Monday, October 23, to Friday, November 3. Items will also be on sale during the club’s annual Dance Showcase, which is open to the public, on Thursday, November 2 at 7pm in the high school auditorium. Pictured are the beautiful bracelets the club will sell.

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