Sophomores Chosen to Attend HOBY

From left: Cassidy Levens and Laylah Epstein.

Western Wayne sophomores Cassidy Levens and Laylah Epstein have been chosen to represent Western Wayne at the 2024 Central Pennsylvania HOBY Leadership Seminar this June 2024.

       Cassidy is an accomplished Western Wayne honor roll sophomore student who enjoys being a part of a variety of clubs at school including:  football cheerleading, basketball cheerleading, political science club, softball, and drama club.

In Cassidy’s leadership essay for HOBY, she explained what leadership meant to her by discussing strong leadership role models she has worked with.

“I think that a good leader influences people around them in a positive way,” Cassidy said.  “Leaders I have worked with have not tried to boss me around, instead they have made me want to become a leader as well.  These leaders have truly cared about me and other members of my teams and have inspired me.”

After high school, Cassidy aspires to study political science in college and go on to pursue a career as a lawyer and/ or a legislator.

Cassidy’s classmate Laylah Epstein, a sophomore honor roll student, also is a Hoby winner for Western Wayne and shares a similar view on leadership as Cassidy.

“I think a good leader leads by example,” Laylah explained.  “Good leaders I have worked with want to see others succeed.”

Laylah is a member of both football and basketball cheerleading.

After high school, Laylah plans to major in nursing and become an ER nurse.

Both girls look forward to attending the conference in the spring and meeting other student leaders from various districts.

“I hope to learn about their different outlooks on life and leadership at the conference,” Cassidy explained.

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