Service Dog visits EverGreen

The fourth-grade classes at EverGreen had the opportunity to meet Carbondale Area’s service dog after recently reading and learning about service dogs. Sansa, who works at Carbondale Elementary School, was at EverGreen on Wednesday with her one of handlers, Mrs. Vadella, who is an elementary school counselor. Mrs. Vadella and Sansa visited each fourth-grade classroom to talk with students about what service dogs do, the extensive training they go through before becoming a service dog, what makes services dogs unique, and students were able to see tasks that she does to help students while at work. Some tasks include deep pressure on an individual’s legs while they are sitting on a chair or the floor, going ‘place’ which allows Sansa to sit between an individual’s legs, or ‘visit’ when places Sansa’s head on a person’s lap allowing her to be pet. The students were extremely knowledgeable of the topic and asked great questions that Mrs. Vadella was able to answer and provide an in-person example. EverGreen Elementary would like to thank Carbondale Area Superintendent Mrs. Sayre and Elementary Principal Ms. Duffy for allowing Mrs. Vadella and Sansa to visit!

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