RDW Students Host Assembly to Promote Kindness

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On November 19th, students in the Kindness Club and Student Council hosted the annual Olweus Kickoff Event to promote kindness and teach anti-bullying strategies. After two months of planning, rehearsals, and preparation, eleven students in the fifth grade held a school-wide assembly which included:

– The Bully Circle: teaching the different roles that bystanders play in bullying situations
– The Wildcat Pledge: where all students pledged to be defenders of their school
– Kickoff Videos: pre-recorded by the student council- interviewing students throughout the school
– Classroom Match-ups: each classroom in the school was randomly paired with another. These classroom pairs will perform acts of kindness for each other throughout the year
– Kindness Dance: all students learned the special kindness dance: Throw Kindness Like Confetti!

A very special thank you to the students who made it all possible! They are a shining example of Wildcat Pride!
Kindness Club members: Audrey Agnello, Ayla Butrim, Magda Malcolm, Grace Moser, Trista Murphy, and Alexis Weist
Student Council members: Kera Edwards, Brendan Mistishin, Khloe Mistishin, Makayla Moser, and Madelyn Vinton





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