Middle School Students Collaborate on Monster Project with Kindergarteners for Halloween

This fall semester Western Wayne 8th grade Family Consumer Science students worked on a sewing project called a  “Monster Project” to be collaboratively created in a fun and creative way with Western Wayne students in Kindergarten classes at Evergreen Elementary School.

The Kindergarten students actually drew designs of a “monster” they wanted to see come to life, and the middle school students in Mrs. Jessica Gregorski’s Family Consumer Science classes recreated these designs in the form of a soft sculpture (stuffed animal).  

Through this process, the middle school students learned how to do a running stitch, backstitch, overstitch, and blanket stitch to create a 3-D model of the elementary students’ monster questionnaire responses along with their own creativity and decorative elements such as favorite foods, colors, and facial features!  Each monster even had a unique name, some of which included: Sparkle, Scary Larry, Shimmer, Happy Bestie, Snowflake, Kitty Monster, and Twinkle, among many others.

On Friday, Oct. 28, the middle schoolers presented their finished products to their kindergartners to keep and enjoy!

“We were so excited to create these special projects for elementary students,” Mrs. Gregorski said.  “We hope the children and families enjoyed this collaborative project.”

Eighth grader MaKenzie Chearney really enjoyed making her monster called Spot for her kindergartner.  Spot is half red and half black. Its eyes and tongue are pink.  The mouth is black. The shape of the monster is a rectangle with arms, legs, and little ears on top.  

“I used the back stitch for the red in the front and the eyes,” MaKenzie explained.  “I then did the running stitch for the mouth and tongue.  Lastly, I used the blanket stitch for the mouth and tongue.  I changed the eyes and tongue to pink because it is my monster’s favorite color.”

MaKenzie was so happy to make a project to brighten the day of a younger student.

“When I look at my completed monster it makes me smile, when I know that I made a Kindergartner’s monster drawing into a stuffed animal that they get to have.”

Fellow eighth grade classmate Raegan Fox also had an enjoyable experience with this project.

“When I look at my completed monster, I am happy when I see it, because I didn’t expect for it to turn out better than expected.”

Raegan’s monster named Dinosaur is light blue and has bright neon orange pants, a red necklace, and four red eyes. 

“His teeth remind me of a vampire, because they are sharp and red,” Raegan explained.  

Raegan’s monster and the ones created by her middle school classmates were the perfect treat for the elementary students for the Halloween season.

A wonderful time was had by all involved when the middle schoolers and elementary students met and got to experience their collaborative projects together for the first time.  

Picture One: Mrs. Tickner’s Kindergarten class

Front Row from Left to Right:

Celia Cawley, Skylar Davis, Emma Dennis, Lillian Dougherty, Case Carlson, Dennis Smith, Lincoln Salak, Anabella Rodas

Second Row from Left to Right:

Emma DeNunzio, Makenzie Chearney, Molly French, Wyatt Weist, Khale Black, Eleri Strocchia.

Third Row from Left to Right:

Matthew Patuto, Calista Gregorski, Dominick Esposito, Piper Fontana, Nolan Rock, Liana Proppe, Zara Levano, Arabella Propes, Amelia Kolodzieski

Back Row from Left to Right:

Aliyah Gregory, Mia Bentler, Lauren Geisheimer, Aubrey Bersch, Raegan Fox, Abby Bell

Picture Two: Mrs. Yedinak’s Kindergarten class

 Front Row from Left to Right:

Rayanne Worzel, Alexis Freeman, Quinn Robeson, Gage Puckett, Brady Bozym, Dane Clowers, Kylie Hardwick, Daisy VanGorden, Mia Mahnke.

Middle / 2nd Row from Left to Right:

Owen Ackerman, Teagan Kraszewski, Thomas Cappozi, Kendall Natskakula, Madison Dalessandro, Katie Hertzog, Harley Pifcho.

Back Row from Left to Right:

Michael Kaminsky, Noah Hennessy, Michael Barna, Damian Glackin, Elisa Gallinot, Carl McCane, Corey Deitz, Jordyn Goebel

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