Middle School Hosts Visit From Author J. E. Thompson

From left: Western Wayne Middle School teacher Starlah Robbins, who worked to coordinate the visit from Thompson, and J. E. Thompson.

Western Wayne Middle School students learned about the time and effort it takes to have a career as a published author on Tuesday, Nov. 16, when award-winning author J. E. Thompson spoke to them. Thompson told the students about his latest book Buccaneer’s Spit. In the novel, two teenagers work to save a spit of land in South Carolina from a developer who wants to take it over.
Thompson explained that his books are mystery, thriller stories. He told the students about the process he goes through to write a novel. He explained that he likes to start by creating characters that readers will care about. Then he creates a large problem for those characters to overcome, and, as he writes, he discovers how his characters will overcome the obstacles they face. Thompson explained to the students the many times a writer has to edit, revise, and rewrite a story before it is finally published.
“Imagination is one of the greatest skills you’ve got,” Thompson told the students. “If you have a great imagination, you can figure things out and be a good problem solver.”
The students had the chance to purchase a signed copy of one of Thompson’s novels after the presentation. Many of them are excited to read a book from an author they have met. Thompson’s other two published novels are The Girl From Felony Bay and its sequel Disappearance at Hangman’s Bluff.
Thompson let the students know that his next book is set in the woods of rural Pennsylvania.
“There is so much beauty out here [where you live] that I am fascinated by,” Thompson told the students. “You are lucky to live here.”

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