Middle School Holds Annual 8th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony

Western Wayne Middle School Principal Mrs. Jennifer Bradley
reminded eighth grade students of the importance of completing small tasks so as not to become overwhelmed by large tasks as they prepare to head to high school. Bradley reflected on a speech that retired United States Navy Four-Star Admiral William Harry McRaven made by suggesting students “make their bed” in the morning to be able to then start a day with already one task accomplished.
Bradley reminisced about how middle schoolers, when they first enter sixth grade, have many anxieties about the small task of opening their lockers. She reminded the students about how far they have come and told them to continue to rely on their family and friends for support and guidance as they prepare to move on to high school.
Eighth grader Dakota Douglas, Middle School Student Council president, proudly led her classmates and all in attendance in the pledge of allegiance.
Dakota said she truly enjoyed her time in the Western Wayne Middle School. She looks forward to all she will learn in high school. She is especially excited for her high school chorus class and aspires to become a chorus teacher.
“I love singing and working together with my classmates,” she said.
The featured event of the Moving-Up Ceremony was all 8th grade students receiving awards in various categories for excellence or improvement in all academic and unified arts classes. In addition, students received awards for good citizenship, excellent work habits, and for a variety of high academic achievements such as making the honor roll for 11 quarters in middle school from 6th through 8th grade.
It is also a Western Wayne Middle School tradition for many years that two outstanding students, one male and one female, are recognized for their patriotism and leadership among other qualities. The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the local American Legion present these awards.
The Daughters of the American Revolution Award was presented to 8th grader Madelyn McClure.
Madelyn received the good citizenship medal from the Daughters of the American Revolution for being an outstanding student in the 8th grade class who exhibits the qualities of honor and honesty, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism.
George Schaffer presented the American Legion Award to 8th grader Grady Farley.
Grady received this annual award for being an outstanding student in the 8th grade class who exhibits the qualities of honor, scholarship, Americanism, leadership, and courage.
Both Madelyn and Grady felt extremely honored to receive their respective awards. They also both, at first, felt shocked to learn the Daughters of the American Revolution and the American Legion had chosen them for these high honors.
Madelyn is a hard-working young woman who especially loves to study science and who loves to work with her horses in her spare time.
She has done excellent work for her Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competitions throughout her middle school career and plans to continue her involvement in high school.
In addition, she is an avid member of her local 4-H Club and Pony Club having rode horses since she was a young girl.
She is an honor roll student who looks forward to her academic experiences in high school. “I am excited for my upper level math classes,” Madelyn said.
Fellow classmate Grady is also a hard-working individual and honor roll student. He most enjoys his science classes in middle school. In addition, he enjoys sporting activities in his free time including both boating and skiing.
“I am most looking forward to experiencing new classes and learning new things next year,” Grady said.
Another special part of this year’s Moving-Up Ceremony was a special recognition given by Mrs. Bradley to retiring secretaries Bridgit Erb and Michele Rosko, who both work in the middle school office. Between the two of them, they have a combined 51 years of service to the district. Both Erb and Rosko have worked for many years to plan and organize the moving up ceremony among doing so many other tasks. Bradley had the community, faculty, staff, and students give the ladies a well-deserved round of applause.
In her closing remarks, Mrs. Bradley reminded students again to not forget “to make their bed” as they get ready to enter high school letting them know that taking the first step in a new journey is quite an accomplishment in itself.
On the way out and into the stadium, guests and others in attendance were treated to seeing a gallery of posters that students and their families made of favorite memories of their students to add a personal touch of their memories throughout the year to the event.
Western Wayne faculty, administration, and staff wish the class of 2027 best wishes for their high school experience.

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